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Top 7 Healthy Sports For Elders

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Sports aren’t only for energetic teenagers or adults but also important for the older generation to live a healthy life. It’s true that older people have fragile bodies and bones but it doesn’t conclude that they shouldn’t go near to playing sports. There are many elderly sports for senior citizens to stay fit and healthy without getting their bones cracked. Let’s check out this list of top 7 healthy sports for elders:


You must have enjoyed riding a tricycle in your early childhood and taking short trips to school and shopping mall on your mountain bike. Start doing it again! Get yourself a fine bicycle and use it for short distances instead of driving the car. Cycling is a very good exercise that makes thigh muscles stronger and increases the stamina. You can even ask your grandson to join you in a cycle race to have some spicy fun!


Being grownups, we get so much busy in the family and professional life that we quit taking part in various refreshing and interesting activities. Swimming is one of those! Now as you’re retired and got nothing much to do, how about getting back into the water? Regular swimming is a healthy activity that makes your body more flexible and gives a complete workout including cardio as well as muscular.


It might surprise many of you but golf is actually an amazing brain exercise and refreshing activity. You get to enjoy fresh air in the clean atmosphere while letting your brain do some work to win the game. Golf is all about focusing and deep concentration that allows elders to stay mentally active and confident. It also involves a lot of walking that’s truly a plus point!

4.Walking football

Yes, it’s for real! We all know that an older person doesn’t have enough stamina required for continuous running during football. That’s why walking football is becoming a sport for elderly citizens. This sport is only for 60+ aged people who love football and don’t mind playing it with their age fellows. You play it exactly the same way as a normal football by replacing the running feature with walking.


Another popular game for elders is squash that is played in a mirrored room. It’s an amazing game for senior citizens to stay fit and healthy with an active body. This sport makes the player mentally as well as physically active.


Here comes another suitable sport for old folks. Get active to play this outdoor sport and enjoy a healthy workout while hitting shuttles with your racket.


Whether it’s a table tennis or just tennis, this sport is good for old people. From cardio movements to muscular exercise, you will enjoy a complete workout during this sport.

This is not it! You can also go for rowing, horse riding, and fishing. Taking part in physical and mental activities will keep you fit and healthy and also slow down the aging process.

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