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Top 6 Holiday Destinations In India

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Having a holiday is surely a fun experience but if you are planning it in India you can double or triple the fun in it. This amazing country can give a lot of mysteries, surprises and thrills. The spirituality of this beautiful land of diversity will delight all your senses.

The country is well known for its traditions and cultures. It also presents hundreds of tourists’ attractions which include wildlife destinations, backwaters, beaches, monuments, deserts, hills, forts, houseboats, waterfalls and palaces. This is the treasure trove of various natural and manmade wonders.

Perfect Destinations for a Holiday

If you are planning a trip with your family to India you have to make a little research about the country so that you will know where to make a remarkable holiday experience. Here are some of the common destinations for vacationers and holiday spenders.


This is a popular holiday destination in India with panoramic views and endless number of attractions. It is famous for its beaches, wildlife, backwaters and hills. The Periyar National Park that housed a population of tiger and elephants is a famous wildlife destination in the state.

 Top Holiday Destinations In India – Feel The Traditions and Culture

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