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Top 5 Tips For Wisdom Teeth Removal

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  1. Bring a Good Friend

When you are about to get your wisdom teeth removed, you will more than likely go under anesthesia for the procedure. Everyone reacts differently when they are awoken post surgery meaning some people can have a minimal reaction while others might not. Some people wake up after surgery and are not experiencing extreme fatigue or grogginess. Other people will not be able to even walk. With this fact, it is important that you bring a good friend with you to the procedure so that you know someone reliable will be able to take care of you once you are woken up.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

  1. Food Prep!

After the surgery, your mouth will be sore all over and it will be difficult to make very large movements such as chewing, and sometimes even talking. You will be advised before your actual surgery about the dos and do not’s for what to do post surgery. One of them is how to eat. You cannot use a straw and you will primarily be on a liquid or very soft food diet for the duration of your healing. Make a shopping trip ahead of time and stock up on nutritional drinks, stuff you can blend, yogurts, pudding, etc.

  1. Take time off work

You will not be in any condition to work for at least two days post surgery. Make sure to coordinate with your work for days off to recover and feel stronger again.

  1. Take care of your mouth

It is important to listen to your pos-op instructions and to keep the incision sites clean. When you are eating, try to keep the food in the middle of your mouth and do not eat anything particular grainy or anything with seeds. The last thing you want is for food products in end up in the newly created holes and cause an infection. Clean your mouth out after every meal and keep yourself well hydrated.

  1. Do Not Wait

Do not wait to get this surgery done. Wisdom teeth need to come out because it will affect the geography of your teeth and gums. It is an inevitable procedure, so do not wait or put it off.

It is so important to trust your dental care practitioners. Wisdom teeth removal / Wisdom teeth removal Miami is a good place to ensure the best surgeons, the best care, and the best results.

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