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See The Foodie Side Of Bangalore: Food Events

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Aroma of food never fails to attract your nose; no matter you are situated in any part of the country. So, there will be nothing wrong calling you a foodie and hence, the Bangalore presents some best of the food events to cure the hunger of foodies with the lip-smacking veg and non-vegs.

Therefore, do not kill your love of food and be there at the event, so that you can taste some of the best food around the world.

The list of food festivals is to be organized in Bangalore

In Bangalore, everything is running and never stops. So are these special events that savour the love of people for things, and here the list is all about the food events in Bangalore. So, get your tummy emptied and your digestive pills ready because the taste of food is going to make eat even you are full.

1. Lobster Fest: Bangalore and sea food- the bond is inseparable. So, if a foodie that too the sea food lover, do not even dare missing out this one. Here, the fest is running since 15th of June up to 15th of August. Well, you still have a lot of days remaining to mark your entry. Jump off the bed and reach the venue, which is My Place, Movenick Hotel & Spa, and Bangalore.

Sea Food

What is special: At the fest, the chef will cook the lobster personally according to the person’s preference. Get yours ready!!

2. Soup and Dimsum Festival: Monsoon is there and what can be best than a cuppa of hot shimmering soup with Dimsum. Ahh! I still have the taste of the same combination had this last weekend under the drizzling sky. So, if you want to know how exactly it tastes like, come to the fest. This is running since 20th of July up to 15th of August at Hunan, South Bangalore.

Soup and Dimsum

What is special: The specialty of the festival is the varieties of soups where you have the chance to get served with Noodles soup, chicken dumplings, Wonton ribbon prawn, Chicken and Shitake mushroom and what not. Go and explore yourself.

3. Sizzler Festival: When you hear sizzlers, you have these images of Paneer Tikka, Corn Tikka, and Mushroom skewed and being presented hot. Well, my friend you are right, I am talking about the same; and Café Mangii is serving the same. The café is getting this festival run from 11th of July up to 4th of September. The timings are from 12:00 pm to 11:30 pm.

What is special: The special about this sizzler festival is the list of sizzlers and add-ons being presented to the people, which include Chicken & Quinoa Meatballs, Ratatouille in Mourny sauce, and prawns. The others to include in the list are chocolate cream cheese brownie and mango cheesecake.

So, I could not resist dribbling while writing the events; how can you miss being in the city. Plan it right away. Also, it is better to reach at least a week before the event ends. You should not miss any bit.

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