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Top 5 Sites In Kodaikanal That You Must Visit

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Kodaikanal is a delightful hill station in the eastward inclines of the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu. The spot is a blissful retreat from the hot and crowded lower ranges and is 2,133 meters over the sea level. This spot is overflowing with glades with a thick forest spread that has a stunning variety of trees  throughout. There’s significantly more to this town than you may know at this moment. Kodaikanal makes for an astonishing retreat in the hills and is India’s top favourite romantic destination.

Top 5 Sites In Kodaikanal That You Must Visit

Kodaikanal is also home to the unprecedented Kurunji Flower which grows just once in 12 years. Yes, it most likely is. So when you purchase the best of those Kodaikanal tour packages, you will go over some all the more fascinating bits of locales to encounter amid your outing. Now read on.

Kodai Lake

This star shaped lake, better known as the Kodaikanal Lake, is in the midst of the most calm and quiet environment. The lake is a home to delightful, infrequently seen flying creatures and the 5 kilometer long promenade along the lake is a standout amongst the most adored spots where guest look for a rejuvenating walk and value the radiance of the nature. You can watercraft and go hawking here for some recreational fun.

Top 5 Sites In Kodaikanal That You Must Visit

Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake is a fabulous freshwater source that is concealed amidst thick boondocks near Kodaikanal. It can be found in the upper Palani Hills, at the main zone of Fort Hamilton. The water of this lake is crystal clear and consumable, which is the motivation behind why it is sourced to Periyakulam, a neighborhood in the valley that lies underneath Kodaikanal.

Kurinji Andavar Temple

Kurinji Andavar is a sanctuary which is dedicated to Lord Murugan or Kartikeya and is home to the celebrated Kurunji flower in Kodaikanal which grows once in 12 years. The temple is an intriguing attraction for the sightseers because of the breathtaking surroundings and the acclaimed flower. how will yo get best club membership in India

Bryant Park

Bryant Park, a quaint green enclosure, was built in 1980 by a British Army Officer, Glenn Bryant. At this garden, every year in the month of May, a flower show is held which is one magnificent sight to behold. Likewise, it is a star site amongst the most celebrated and adored attractions of Kodaikanal, particularly amid the months of spring. The Bryant Park also houses a glasshouse, which includes a wide blend of blooms, greeneries and other gorgeous assortment of plants.

80 Mile Round

Adventure aficionados coming to Kodaikanal, would love to embrace this fantastic 80 Mile Round trekking course which takes a span of 3-4 days, and without a doubt, the course will be an extraordinary affair. This circuit covers presumably the major attractions of Kodaikanal, including the Berijam Lake, Poondi, Kavunji, Kukkal, Vandaraw, and Poombaral Village. The enthralling sight of the undulating landscapes secured with thick rainforests, clearwater mountain streams and heavenly cloud fogs make the entire trekking background a dreamlike setting.

Wondering how to reach Kodaikanal? Well, the city doesn’t have its own airport so you need to get down at the Madurai Airport, which is some 120 km away from Kodaikanal. From there you can take a bus or taxi to reach your destination.

See you in Kodai!

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