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How To Advance Your Twitter Agenda

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Twitter is one of the largest and most influential social media tools on the Internet. It is a great way for people to share snippets of information, start a conversation, and acquire new customers. For people already using Twitter, they’ve long discovered its usefulness. Here’s how to advance your Twitter agenda and bring in new customers.

1. Don’t try to keep up with the A-Listers. Using Twitter means you’re keenly aware that some people dominate with millions of followers, better known as A-Listers. The most famous among them only follow back a handful of people. Don’t get caught in a snare of following famous people, thinking that this will help your cause. It won’t and will only waste time you could spend elsewhere.

2. Ask questions. Twitter can seem like a beehive of activity and it is. Attempting to stand out on this site can be difficult. However, one way to get noticed is to ask questions. When you ask questions, some people will reply and begin a conversation with you. People who are actively engaged on Twitter also bring in more followers who become customers.

3. Don’t forget to thank people. Make it a habit to thank people you engage with during the week. Some people reserve this practice for “Follow Friday” or the day you shout out to people and recognize them for their interactions. No matter how you approach this, do so with care. Avoid shouting out to the same person over and over again — you don’t want to come across as a Twitter stalker or fanboy, even if you are one!

4. Retweet the good stuff. As you examine your Twitter timeline, you’ll notice numerous updates from other people. Make a point to examine those tweets and read the articles related to the ones that get your attention. If the article is particularly interesting or newsworthy, then share it with your readers by retweeting it. You’ll not only increase the number of your tweets, but be credited with sharing the good information from others. These individuals will recognize your participation and respond accordingly.

5. Keep it clean. Twitter allows people to post almost anything, including some very hateful and pornographic stuff. Don’t get caught up in the junk that others dispense and always share stuff you won’t be ashamed of sharing. Build your reputation based on thoughtful, intelligent and witty discourse, and you’ll acquire a following of like-minded individuals.

6. Stop talking about yourself. The one big drawback about Twitter is that some people do nothing, but talk about themselves. Yes, you can share how you are doing or feeling, but don’t make your Twitter account simply about yourself or your business. If you operate within a certain business sphere, then do your part to promote your sector and the influencers within it. When you do, they’ll end up talking about you too!

7. Make use of photos. Changes for Twitter over the years have been gradual, but powerful. Adding photos or images has certainly helped not a few timelines. Being able to use as many as three in an update has extended reach for many. Do your part to cull photos to share in your tweets. As long as you own your photos, you’re free to create tweets with them. Images draw the attention of other Twitter users better than word-only updates.

Get Some Help

Using Twitter can be exhausting and time consuming. This is where some people choose to turn to the professionals for assistance. Specifically, they may look for one of the Best SEO Companies to assist them. Such a business can help you advance your Twitter agenda, enabling you to extend your reach and bring in new customers — the most important reason for using Twitter.

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