Top 10 Worst Oil Spill

It is undeniable that a sea accident is really a bad news. But it is not just the ship wreckage that you have to worry about but also the aftermath. Most often than not, a ship accident is accompanied with oil spill. This is a great concern for many people, especially for the full-blooded environmentalist. Oil can coat the sea surface and inhibit oxygen to enter the water, leaving many fishes and other sea inhabitants suffocated. Across the history of man, we witnessed the oil spills that are really destructive. For these purpose, we will not just limit the oil spill with ships but also oil wells, oil storage and many others. Join us now as we look back and list the top ten works oil spill.

10. The Haven

April 1991, in the coast of Italy, six people died as the Cyprus-based tanker the Haven exploded sending tons of oil in the adjacent areas. Almost two-thirds of the total stored oil was burned. The accident was made worse because the spilled oil did not just stay on the surface of the sea but it sank as deep as 1,640 feet.