Top 10 Most Unusual Jobs

In the midst of the economic turmoil that is plaguing many countries today, it is not surprising that there will be people who are laid-off from their jobs. As this might be the case, some people are being resourceful and are willing to take any job even if that job is weird or unusual. The Labor Statistics might show that there is an increase in the unemployment rate but if you have the heart and an open mind, you will soon find out that there is still a plethora of jobs that can be explored. Join us now as we explore the ten most unusual jobs in our time.

10. Worm Picker

Worms are in demand for fishing. It is said that before you can catch a fish you need bait but you can hire someone to get the bait for you. As a worm picker, you need to go to farm lands and dig the ground for worm. Generally, people will buy the worms from you in a rate of 4 cents per worm.