Top 10 Worst Sea Accidents

Murphy’s Law states that whatever accidents may happen, it will happen. Due to human error or conditions that are beyond our control, there are millions of lives wasted and properties that boil to nothing because of sea accidents. While it is considered that travelling in sea is safe, there are just accidents that seem to inevitably happen. Throughout the centuries, mankind has witness sea accidents that are unbearable. This list of top ten will bring you back in time as we gather ten of the worst sea accidents in the history.

10. HMS Birkenhead

This liner is also known in other names such as the steam frigate Birkenhead and HM troopship Birkenhead. Originally, HMS Birkenhead was made for the Royal Navy as one of the first iron-hulled ships. While transporting troops, the ship faced wreckage in Gansbaai near Cape Town, South Africa. 460 people died on that day.