Top 10 Weirdest Foods

It’s funny how what is considered grotesque in one country, or by one individual, is considered to be a delicacy in another region, or by another diner in the same room for that matter. Thus, calling something the “weirdest” is truly a relative term. After all, when the concept of eating an egg, or even meat, for the first time is pondered, it is thought-provoking to imagine how foods were and are deemed desirable or detestable. Having said that, making the list below does not necessarily mean a food is bad-tasting or bad for you: just different.

10. Geoduck

Actually a type of clam, this mollusk is renowned for its flavor as well as its phallic appeal. While the shell is relatively large (approximately seven inches in length, it is its siphon, or neck which makes it “weird.” Measuring up to several feet in length, the consumable siphon is has a chewy, firm texture and is coveted as an aphrodisiac in parts of Asia. Don’t count on encountering this “duck” at your local market any time soon.


  1. Do you really think that animals choose the best berries ??
    The most important factor in coffee beans always will be soil.
    This coffee can be intrested because of production method I mean eaten and shi# by the animal. It may slightly affect for the coffee berries. The second most important factor will be a beans freshnes and many more. I tried Kopi Luwak from the five different sources and I could notice these mighty sweetness only when I tried Weasel Kopi Luwak from Vietnam. This coffee was the best one. I can only mentioned about the second one from Bali, was pretty intrested but had strong acidic taste. So not for me.
    If you would like to try this coffee from Vietnam here it is a link
    Don’t remember from where I bought this coffee from Bali

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