Top 10 Weirdest Foods

1. CazuMarzu

Finally, if you are not already “weirded out,” we have arrived at numerouno. You know it’s going to be interesting when the name basically means rotten cheese. There is something bold and refreshing about a good aged cheese, but this variation takes that description to the extreme. Handcrafted in Sardinia, CasuMarzu is made from sheep’s milk which has been left in the sun for weeks. The creators know it is ready to go inside when it becomes infested with maggots. In most cases, maggot-infested cheese is deemed inedible. In this case, you must eat the cheese while the maggots are swarming. Thus, every bite of cheese includes a lively maggot which will remain as such all the way down to the brave-hearted diner’s gut.

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of other weird foods out there. Regardless, partaking in this list will surely cause even the most adventurous foodie to raise an eyebrow at some point. Happy dining and good luck!


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