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Home Improvement

Tips To Extend Your Space

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Small departments become more popular, particularly among young single people or before moving in with your partner or friend. The challenge in this type of household lies in getting the walls or furniture or produce a feeling of claustrophobia.

In this case, the painting plays a fundamental role; play with color to add depth to a space without throwing a wall or spend lots of money is the key. Experts share some tips that you can apply on the walls, ceilings and corners of your home for that certain space expands beyond your imagination:

Reduce Clutter

The first step to make rooms look larger than they appear is to maximize the space you have. For this it is necessary to remove all objects that clutter like old furniture, the chair that you just use to hang clothes, bags or boxes at the entrance, or that pair of baskets above a table where you accumulate papers.

Tips To Extend Your Space

Put things in Place, Clean up the Mess

You can even use furniture that have a dual function, such as bed bases that make up drawers. If you want your space look bigger definitely will need to get rid of things past, letting in new ideas, you will identify small changes like this first recommendation achieved a breakthrough in transforming your space.

Use Natural Light

Lighting is a key factor in nurturing a space, and the more naturally better. The large windows help quite measure the space has a really natural expansion. Avoid bulky curtains and heavily laden with designs, or use blinds in neutral colors for warmth and a light effect to your home.

Clarity of Ideas and Colors

The choice of color is a key part to regain life space. To create that effect we want amplitude will need to pick the trend of lighter shades. Light colors like pale blue, yellow, peach and mint are ideal for expanding a space.

If all you like and you find it hard to choose a pair that best fits your space, you can buy samples for an application on your wall and tell how they look and what colors go best with your furniture and accessories.

Strategic Reflections

The mirrors have the property of visually open spaces. Lean on the tools you already have at home, if you have a long mirror, the upright supports to the extent when combined with light colors. In the case of a stay is advisable to use a large mirror that goes from floor to ceiling, as well as increasing the size of the space, recreates the light reflection, giving more clarity.

Applying Color on the Ceiling

We put so much attention on integrating color to the walls; we forget that there is an element that sometimes goes unnoticed: the roof. The color in this part of the room adds depth and can even be perfect for a color accent. A roof in clear or white tones, contrasting with a dark wall contracts and the eye perceives the smallest room. A good rule to remember is that cool colors like blue, green and purple, and dark like brown, black or gray receding our field of vision and an effect of distance; instead the warm colors like red, orange and yellow and light tend to look like they are closer.

Painting is a great ally for interior decoration. Complement the colors of the walls with accessories like large mirrors, house cleaning and natural light results in a comfortable and cozy home.

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