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Tips To Buy A Perfect Pair Of Running Shoes

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Running is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise amongst both men and women and can be done just about anywhere. But just like a carpenter needs the right tools to do a flawless work similarly, a right pair of running shoes is required for a runner. There are different types of shoes obtainable in the market and finding a perfect fitted shoe can be a difficult choice. So here are a few tips that, if you consider will certainly help you get a long lasting running shoe.

Tips To Buy A Perfect Pair Of Running Shoes

  • The most important thing to consider is where you are going to run that is, the type of terrain. For instance, you cannot wear shoes that have built-up heels for training off-road as you will be unstable and can injure your ankle. For those who are a casual runner then even a basic running shoe will be sufficient, but if you are planning a marathon, you should invest in a good shoe for optimal performance.
  • One tip that applies for every shoe you buy is always go for shoe shopping late in the afternoon as your feet are their peak size at this time. Also, ensure that there is full thumb width between the end of the shoe and the longest toe. The best way to assess this is to try the selected shoes on both feet and get a test run on a treadmill if possible or around the shop.
  • Remember to go to a specialty running shop as here the salesperson can watch you walk and run, check your arch style and help you decide on the best shoe to support your feet. Reputed brands such as Nike shoesoffer a wide range of running shoes for all foot shapes and sizes.
  • You may know your foot size, but every time you indent to buy a new show measure your feet. This is for the reason that your feet change over time falling arches and due to pregnancy and the size of one brand and even model can be drastically different.
  • Never decide your shoe without wearing your running socks as the thickness of the socks can affect the fit and feel of your shoes especially when your feet spread out in the heat.
  • Many trainers suggest checking the shoes for the bends by holding it from the heel and pressing the front into the floor. The shoe creases along the foot flexes.  Shoes that have improperly aligned flex point can lead to plantar fasciitis, calf strain, arch pain along with basic discomfort while wearing them.
  • Don’t be tempted to pick running shoes just because you like the colors or the style as this doesn’t imply that they will be the ideal best running shoe for your feet.

To protect your feet you should replace your athletic shoes after 300 to 500 miles. You can do this by keeping track of the date when you purchased the shoes in your training log book.

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