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6 Inexpensive Home Organization Tips For Storing Makeup

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Anyone who enjoys using cosmetics eventually builds up an unwieldy collection of products. Finding ways to store cosmetics in a way that makes each item easy to find can get quite expensive if consumers choose to purchase specialty organizing tools from a department store. Fortunately, there are many ways that cosmetics users can keep track of all their products without having to spend a fortune on organizing tools.

6 Inexpensive Home Organization Tips For Storing Makeup

Thread Organizers

A visit to the craft store can yield a wide variety of organizers that are perfectly sized for storing sample sizes of cosmetic products. Thread organizers offer divided compartments, some of which may be adjustable in size. These small compartments are great for storing eyeshadow singles, samples of fragrance and other trial size items. To protect the contents of the box, thread organizers come with a snap-tight lid. Since the items are easily accessible, consumers are more likely to use them up before they spoil, explains this article on the Huffington Post.

Desk Organizers

Clear plastic desk organizers are another great organizing tool for cosmetics. A pen and pencil holder can be used to hold lip liners, eyeliners and mascara. A second pencil holder can be used to hold cosmetic brushes. These organizers also help to protect the tips of the pencils and the bristles of the brushes from becoming damaged.

Plastic Shoe Boxes

Clear plastic shoe boxes can be found in many big box stores, home organizing stores and even dollar stores. These boxes are small enough to stack up in a linen closet and are clear so that cosmetics users can see what is inside. These boxes work well for bulky and oddly shaped cosmetics such as bottles of foundation and compacts with powder.

Wall-mounted Cabinets

Cabinets can be purchased new, bought secondhand or even built by someone who is handy with tools. For a streamlined and uncluttered look, cabinets should be flush with the wall. Cabinets are excellent for storing tall products such as perfume and hair care items. A refurbished secondhand cabinet is not only affordable but it can double as a work of art for the room.


Baskets can be purchased on the cheap at rummage sales and secondhand stores. They can also be bought new for pennies on the dollar at the end of the season, such as holiday themed baskets after Christmas or spring colored baskets after Easter. Stick with small baskets for storing cosmetics. The basket’s handles makes it easy to carry the items from room to room, which comes in handy for people living with roommates or in homes with limited bathroom storage space.

DIY Organizers

Homemade beauty organizers can make for a fun afternoon project and make use of items already on hand. Repurposed mason jars or even cleaned jars from salsa or sauce can double as a holder for cosmetic pencils. A knitted or crocheted basket from plastic yarn, twine or fabric strips holds hair accessories and other beauty supplies.

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