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Tips On How To Style Your Jewellery

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There are plenty of ways to use jewellery to give your outfit that little something extra. There are many different jewellery pieces that you can get to add to your style, so it all depends on what you prefer and what you think suits you best. You should also consider what matches your outfit on the day.  

Another thing to mention is that there can sometimes be too much jewellery, so keeping things simple and elegant is sometimes the way to go. This article will discuss the many different ways you can style your jewellery the next time you go out. 

Find Your Preferred Jewellery

Adding jewellery to your outfit is very good for your style. It is something that can add a bit of colour without going too over the top, not to mention that it can make a basic outfit look much better. Jewellery can boost your confidence and can make you feel like a king or queen if you are buying the right jewellery.

Before you jump into the deep end, it is best to buy cheap jewellery to try on beforehand. Top-quality jewellery can be expensive so you want to try something cheap that looks similar first to make sure it is what you were hoping for. 

There are plenty of stores as well as online stores that can sell cheap jewellery. As soon as you have tried it on a few times with different outfits, you can start investing in your more expensive jewellery such as a solid gold pendant or vintage emerald rings

Jewellery can be bought online but it is better to be on the safe side so try it in-store. Going into a jewellery store is the best way to find out the key information that you need. For example, how big is your ring finger? Or how big is the necklace that you are looking to buy? So, make sure you try it if you like it before you spend a lot of money on it. 

Wear Multiple Layers Of Jewellery

Layering up your jewellery is the modern-day way of styling your jewellery. This is where you wear multiple rings on one hand. You can even wear two maybe three necklaces as well instead of just one. Maybe even consider wearing some anklets when you wear a pencil skirt.

One thing that you have got to make sure though is that the jewellery has to match. A golden necklace will not go with a silver one. You are better with just keeping it simple by wearing materials that match. 

One thing that you could consider is having one plain golden necklace with one that has jewels. This can be the same with rings as well. You can get a plain silver ring and wear another silver ring with a gemstone in the middle of it. 

Do Not Wear Too Much Jewellery

Try to avoid wearing too much jewellery because it can look tacky. Wearing too much jewellery can distract from the rest of the outfit, so don’t overthink it and keep things simple. Try a few things on and just go for what you feel is the best jewellery on the day. 

For example, consider matching up your necklace with a watch as this will help to balance out the look as the jewellery is spread out. Pick bracelets to match your necklaces or earrings as well to keep it simple. As mentioned above, layering up your necklaces looks fantastic if you know how to not go overboard. Just make sure your materials are the same as one another. 

Consider Buying Gemstones

If you are looking to add something unique to your jewellery collection, you should consider buying jewellery with gemstones. Although some gemstones are of course very expensive, you can find more affordable options. The price of a gemstone increases as the quality and size does, so you can still have a smaller stone that is slightly less clear, but still beautiful. It is worth working with an independent dealer as they will be able to give you reliable advice on your gemstones!

Sapphires, rubies, diamonds and emeralds are the most well known gemstones which are precious, although other lesser-known gemstones like topaz, aquamarine and amethyst are equally beautiful. If you buy vintage jewellery, you will also be able to access stunning jewellery for much cheaper. 

This is because vintage jewellery would have been bought once before, so it is VAT exempt. Therefore, you can buy a piece of vintage jewellery for 20% cheaper than a modern equivalent, so there are definitely affordable options out there! 

Gemstones are not for everyone, as they can be a lot more expensive compared to plain gold and silver. However, for something different, they make a wonderful addition to any jewellery box. 

Mix Up Your Jewellery

If you are one of those people that has a jewellery box filled with different earrings, rings, necklaces and others, then try to change up which jewellery to wear day-to-day. For those that see you every day, they will soon notice you have multiple wonderful pieces of jewellery stashed away at home. 

Also, make sure you keep on top of the most recent fashion trends within the industry. Do not get left behind with fashion trends. Changing it up allows you to wear jewellery pieces that you have not worn for a while and you might come across an old favourite. 


Be bold and get creative with your jewellery. A good example of this is matching green with gold, or you could even try blue with silver. Having different materials will allow you to mix up your style and fashion taste. 

Make sure you give your jewellery a proper clean once it has been worn. Not only are you getting rid of the dirty bacteria that is on your jewellery, but you are also keeping your jewellery in very good condition so it does not tarnish. 

There are many fashion trends out there that are trending at the moment. The internet is a great place for finding out the most recent trends as celebrities and influencers will always promote fashion brands out there as well. 

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