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Tips For Buying A Curved Lift For Elders To Enhance Their Safe Mobility

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Elderly parents living alone at home can be a matter of concern for the children residing in far off places. I am aware of many people whose parent is forced to live alone in a very large house and medical reasons often pose problems for their mobility. The mobility of the elderly people are often more restricted when their house is multi storied. I would recommend the installation of stair lifts which will help in easy mobility thereby boosting the confidence of the elders living alone.

If you are planning for fixing the stair lift then first decide the following aspects which will help in creating a safe and cost effective solution for mobility of the elders at home.

Tips For Buying A Curved Lift For Elders To Enhance Their Safe Mobility

Local suppliers

Primarily the need for the curved lifts happens due to some medical incidence. You may need a stair lift because of the inability of the elders to climb up the stairs to reach their bedrooms. Check out the local suppliers who are able to supply good quality of stair lifts at competitive prices too. You can also look for brands that specialise in this arena. My suggestion would be to check out various brands as some models are available only in some brands. You can get a plethora of choices only when you browse through several shops and brands. Checking the online store is also a great platform to strike on the good models that will satisfy your expectations.

New or second hand

Buying a stair lift for curved stairs can cost you much more than the straight ones. You may consider the options like buying a second hand lift that does not compromise on quality. Another option would be to get the Wheelchair Lifts on rent. There are several companies that can give you curved lifts for rent. If your purpose is only temporary like any specific health issue has led to the need for lifts say a fractured leg or likewise then taking the lift on rent is a much more viable option. Straight lifts are priced much lower because of its ease in installation and also the models.

Health conditions

When picking a stair lift for elders, priority must be given for the health status of the person. It is very important to not only consider the present state but also predict the future needs. Look for models that can be flexible and used over a period of time. Several brands come with variety of models that is loaded with advanced features. Do not always go for the lowest priced products as at times your changing needs may not be satisfied by such models.

Safety features

As the person using such curved lifts are elders it is very essential to look into the safety aspects of the products. Enquire about the safety features like seat belts, foot rest, arm rest, cushioned seats, and so on. There are several advanced features now added to the stair lifts like a sensor alarm which triggers in case there is any kind of obstruction on the stair.

Power back ups

One must never ignore this point as the elders can become completely helpless if there is power outage and the lift stops in between. This will be terrible if they are living alone. Make sure that there are essential power back up in the form of rechargeable batteries or inverter connection and so on.


Proper maintenance of the stair lift ensures the smooth and continuous operation of the same. Search for the suppliers who are also able to take up the maintenance of the stair lift.

Author Bio

The Author is an experienced Elevator Installer with decades of experience in the industry. He recommends installing wheelchair lifts in every home with elderly and disabled family members. When he is not providing his services to his clients in Calgary, he is offering consultation or sharing his knowledge.

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