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The Secret Life of Technology: How New Tools Help Keep Us Safe

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Unfortunately, society is a much too problematic place nowadays. Be it the latest terrorist strikes, a home robbery, or perhaps cyber attacks, there exist a constant reminder of the range of threats that we must deal with every single day.

Modern technology possesses the expertise necessary to make ourselves and our companies far more susceptible. However, technology is also, at the same time, offering us the resources needed to fight the dangers and threats we face.

The Secret Life of Technology How New Tools Help Keep Us Safe

The following are ingenious technological innovations built to make us, as well as our businesses, more secure every day.

At Home

Falling or tripping causes the greatest number of serious injuries, as well as hospitalizations, for the elderly. The consequences of a severe fall increase as folks grow older, particularly for those who live with added illnesses. For some, a nasty fall often means unpleasant surgeries or maybe even the need to move to a nursing residence.

Technological innovations allow for medical alert systems, such as Alert1, to provide both home and mobile systems, allowing an individual to stay safe regardless of where they are going. Nowadays, more and more senior citizens enjoy the ability to remain in their homes and maintain a degree of autonomy longer due to medical alert systems.

Another significant reason to purchase an alarm monitoring system is to help prevent smoke and fire damage, as well as guard against break-ins. Often fire and smoke alarms are included in medical alert systems.

Many home cameras now come with an app for a smartphone so that you can monitor any section of your home at any time. Look to see who is at the door, keep an eye on your elderly parent while you run to the store, or simply control who can enter your home all from a smart function on your phone.

Home burglaries are also on the rise, with over two million reported each year. Many home break-ins occur during the day while the residents are at home or school. Most burglaries also involve forced entry. Often, the increasing technological improvements of safety and security systems may well have protected a home from ending up counted among such statistics.

Out and About

It is not uncommon for a friend to say they will text you once they are home safely. Now there are apps for anyone who worries about their trip home being a safe one. Some apps work by using a person’s contacts to track their journey home on a map. The user is visible on a map that a contact, chosen by the individual, can follow them along on. Other apps help users not only choose the shortest route to their destination but also the best lit path to get there.

Automobiles are a visible item of interest for thieves. Cars are valuable, easy to sell, as well as their offer of a built-in escape strategy for the robber.

At Work

Keeping company information securely stored is a huge concern for most businesses. Innovative software solutions are now on the market, providing companies with the tools to keep sensitive company information safe. Cloud computing and dedicated software are available which will alert you when sensitive information is at risk. Managers and business owners now have the power to track office computers that contain such information as employee files or banking information, and then follow where and how that information is being shared.

Finally, Physical Security Information Management system or (PSIM) are empowering organizations to efficiently manage all their security, safety and logistical requirements from a central location. The market is ripe with the continually improving technology needed to keep us safe and secure, at home, work, or out and about.

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