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The Most Effective Ways To Do Away With Dry Skin

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Dry skin occurs when skin fails to retain an adequate amount of moisture. It can happen due to the use of soaps that are not friendly on your skin, aging or specific medical conditions. In case you reside in an area with harsh winters, it can happen due to the presence of cold, dry air. During the winter, people living in the Northern Hemisphere suffer from red, rough and itchy skin.  It is due to the cold winter air due to which there is low humidity, both indoor as well as outdoor. There are some ways through which you can get rid of during skin during winter.

Even if you live in a region where cold winter air is not a major concern, you will need to handle dry skin related issues at one point or the other. Using these tips you can keep your skin in good shape, from chilly Alaska to sunny Florida and beyond.The first thing that you can do in this regard is to retain the moisture in your skin. Skin moisturizers provide the much-needed rehydration the top layer of your skin cells and maintaining moisture. They include three major types of ingredients-humectants that draw moisture are rich in ceramides, sorbitol, hyaluronic acid, lecithin, and glycerin.

The Most Effective Ways To Do Away With Dry Skin

Other ingredients like mineral oil and petrolatum(petroleum jelly) assist in maintaining moisture within the skin.   Emollients like lauric acids, linoleic and linolenic play a major role in smoothening the skin by filling the area between skin cells. Usually, the more greasy and thick a moisturizer is, the more effective will it be. The moisturizers that provide the best results are mineral oil and petroleum jelly as they contain no water. The best time to use them is when the skin is damp after bathing, as it helps to seal the moisture.

You can consider utilizing a humidifier during the winter.It should be set at 60%, which would be enough to replenish your skin’s top layer. Make it a point not to spend too much time under the shower. 10 minutes is sufficient for the purpose. If you spend more time bathing, then you may lose the oily layer of your skin. It will lose moisture as a result. Go for lukewarm instead of hot water, as it might wash away natural oils.

Reduce the use of soaps. Instead use moisturizers like Olay or soap-free cleansers such as Aquanil. Stay away from perfumed soaps, alcohol products, and deodorant soaps as they can strip natural oils from your skin. To check skin damage, don’t use scrub brushes and bath sponges. If you can’t do without them out of sheer habit, use them lightly. Also don’t rub your skin when the towel is dry. Use the moisturizer immediately after you take your bath. This will plug the spaces between the skin cells and retain moisture while your skin is damp. To minimize the greasy feeling of petroleum jelly, rub a little amount of it on your hands and rub it over the affected area.

However, keep one thing in mind. Don’t ever scratch. A moisturizer can help you keep the itch under control. A cold pack can also provide relief from itchy spots. Also, avoid wearing wool and similar fabrics that might irritate the skin.

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