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How Recruitment Agencies Are Improving The Medical Industry

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The traditional form of hiring new medical personnel is time-consuming, costly, and completely inefficient. Not only does this type of hiring often leave lengthy gaps in service, but they often lead to the wrong candidate being selected for the job.

This is why a growing number of businesses who work within the health and medical industry are choosing to use a medical recruitment agency to source their talent. Not only does a recruitment agency shave off the time spent trying to find the perfect employee for the job, but these agencies deliver a host of other benefits as well:

How Recruitment Agencies Are Improving The Medical Industry

Knowledge of the Medical Market

Recruitment agencies who specialise in providing nurses, doctors and other medical staff have a full understanding of:

  • The availability of talent in that particular health care role
  • Where the talent is
  • How they can reach that talent

They know exactly what is necessary to be able to attract the best pool of candidates for your particular company, including salary rates, career growth opportunities, and skill sets. These agencies are also familiar with the complexities that come with hiring personnel for a medical position and are able to navigate them with ease.

Delivering Candidates – Not Applications

This takes us to our next point: the fact that a recruitment agency will deliver candidates to your hiring manager and not a stream of unqualified applicants. Recruitment agencies take the job screening process to a whole new level, having already ousted a number of “potentials” for the job because their skill set didn’t match, or their experience was not meeting expectations or their personality would not be the right fit for your business.

It is a recruitment agency’s job to take every possible factor into account before sending a candidate over to you. Many will have their own set of skills tests which must be completed by an applicant prior to being considered for any job. Others still will also request that personality tests and behavioral tests be taken by a candidate so that they will have a good idea of how well a candidate will fit into the culture of a company.

An Extended Reach

Businesses in the medical field often do not know what it takes to find the most qualified talent available. A recruitment agency, however, will know exactly where to source the best talent for a particular job role.

Agencies go above and beyond simply posting a job ad on a virtual job board. Many will go as far as to contact other agencies, utilizing social media and scouring college and university campuses for the newest and freshest talent in the industry.

Less Employee Turnover

Let’s face it: hiring is not an enjoyable experience. Not only does the job role vacancy place stress on existing staff, but the hiring and training costs can be substantial.

At the end of the day, a recruited employee should be one which will stick with your company for the long term. Given the strict guidelines which recruitment agencies follow prior to recommending a candidate to company and the many different levels they take into account, a recruitment agency can reduce employee turnover, increase employee engagement, and boost the overall health of a business.

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