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Blood is an essential part of the human body. Blood most importantly carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts and organs inside the human body. A blood test is advised for every person after every few months to ensure a healthy living. A blood test reveals crucial information and insights about a person’s health and whether his/her vital organs are functioning properly or not. The process of drawing blood is called ‘Phlebotomy’. The blood that is drawn out is used for diagnosis, treatment of an illness or is donated. The people who specialize in drawing blood and performs test are called ‘Phlebotomist’, and they work in hospitals, blood donation centres and clinical laboratories.

Apart from hospitals and clinics now the phlebotomy is done from home to home through mobile services which are purposefully designed for homebound, disabled and limited mobility patients who cannot leave the confines of the house. The mobile phlebotomy service is not for patients but also for people who busy in office routine and managing the household chores. The busy husbands and wives can afford the convenience of on-location blood drawing services. There are mobile phlebotomy companies which offer services to individuals without insurance and also those who want to self-test with blood draw kits.


The home blood draws a whole lot convenient for many elderly, physically challenged, or severely ill, having a mobile phlebotomist allows them to stay in the bed of their home, rather than to make a struggling effort to travel to a clinic or a laboratory, and there too wait in long queues. A regular blood draw is very vital for people who have diabetes or cancer.

The mobile phlebotomy companies work with

  • Hospitals
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Doctors and physicians clinics
  • Mobile doctors
  • Homebound patients
  • Nursing and care homes

Phlebotomy is significant as transfusions, and blood donations help save hundreds of people’s lives. Mobile phlebotomist works expertly, and with maximum care, they perform duties by explaining the blood taking procedure to the homebound patient. The phlebotomist before taking blood sample familiarizes himself/herself and the company they work for and present the form with the patient’s name. Then the phlebotomist asked key questions to the patients regarding experiencing any allergies or complications while previously drawing blood. The phlebotomist describes the blood drawing method and cleans from where the blood will be drawn.

The blood sample is inserting the hypodermic needle into the vein and collecting the blood in the measurable tubes. The tubes are then labelled (with the patient’s name, date, contact details of the patient), properly stored and sent for required analysis. Drawing of blood is an important medical procedure so all safety standards must be followed.

The tools needed by mobile phlebotomist are

  • Hypodermic needles and syringes
  • Non-sterile gloves
  • Blood collection tube
  • Cotton balls and gauze
  • Markers to label the blood collection tube

Mobile phlebotomy service comes to you, and your blood samples are sent to laboratory preferred by you for testing, if you do not prefer any laboratory, we can surely recommend a proper laboratory located within your area.

The companies that offer mobile service hire highly-qualified and trained phlebotomists who serve the patients with love and care. They phlebotomists go through systematic proficiency testing and given license to practice and familiar with patients in need of regular blood draws. Mobile phlebotomy does not cost much money. The people can present phlebotomists with their insurance plan to bill the blood sampling and testing at the lab.

Author Bio:

Matthew Wish has worked in various Phlebotomist Training Pa and knows precisely the procedure in which blood is drawn, collected and tested. You can further contact him through his Facebook and Twitter for more information on a blood test.

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