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The Impact Of Technology And Digital Media On Elderly People

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We all think that businesses and young teenagers or Generation Y is only making use of social media and following the best practices. Businesses are giving their projects to digital media agency while others are just goofing around. No this is not true at all especially in 21st century; baby boomers have taken social media as an entertainment yet a very useful platform for them also. Here are ways on how these social media platforms are benefiting all the elderly people.

Makes Communication Easier:

As people grow old, they also tend to feel apart from their kids. Social media is a great source of communication and all the baby boomers are using this platform to stay in touch with their friends and their families also. There are so many grandparents who video call their grandchildren and talk to them every day. This not only keeps them busy but they also feel better and connected with everyone.

Availability And Accessibility:

Since, at an old age people become physically weak and more dependent on others. Social media and technology has allowed them to stay dependent on them only. As it gives them an option to shop online, buy their groceries online and get them delivered to their door steps. This eliminates the need for them to step out of their homes and everything is done easily. It also makes them independent as they don’t need to ask their families or children if they need something. There are also apps that help you get a ride at your door steps, this makes travelling also a hassle free process for old people as they don’t need to use public transport while waiting on the bus stands.

Feasibility Due To Apps:

There are so many apps which are created for the availability of doctors online. So in case any elderly patient feels their blood pressure is boosting up or going down. They just need to open up their phone and message one of the doctors on that app. This is not just convenient but also a hassle free procedure, which eliminates the need of visiting a doctor.

Challenges And Solutions:

It may be not as easy as it sounds. The adaption of social media and internet amongst elderly people isn’t that easy, as these people are not prone to using technology because mobile phones were introduced in 21st century and they are the baby boomers. Technology is not a piece of cake for them. Some might take a long time understanding on how to type a message.

They also have weak memory and it is very likely that they would forget thing easily, whether it be an online transport app or a doctor. It is very unlikely that they would remember. These are the people who prefer face to face communications over typing messages. Hence, technology has generated many benefits for these people but business and digital media agency knows the best use of it.

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