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How to Buy Jewelry without Getting Duped

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For a jewelry lover, the experience of buying a new piece is thrilling and exciting. However, it is also fraught with risks due to the presence of unscrupulous online jewelry dealers. While online shopping has made things easy for the jewelry buyer, it has also increased the risk of buying fakes which is not only frustrating but costly. If you want to buy cheap diamond earrings or any other accessories, it is important to shop with caution.

This article guides on some important things to consider when buying jewelry without getting duped. Read on.

1. Shop From a Reputable Dealer

Whatever type of jewelry you wish to buy, always make sure you deal with a reputable jeweler. The popularity of jewelry in the fashion industry has seen the emergence of all types of dealers most of whom have no background in the industry.

Seek referrals and recommendations from family, friends and other jewelry lovers to identify a reliable jewelry dealer online. Look for a jeweler with a solid track record and experience in the industry because such sellers will not soil their reputation with fake jewelry.

2. Shop With a Checklist

If you go to the market without an idea of the piece you want, you instantly become a target for frauds. You need to do a need assessment to determine the exact item you need for your collection. If you want a diamond ring, think about the setting, style, the 4Cs, metal to use, size and every other aspect. This way, you will not fall prey to frauds who dupe you with amazing price quotes.

3. Always Shop With a Strict Budget

Before hitting the stores, take time to determine how much you wish to spend on your jewelry. This will narrow down the collections you can explore for your diamond ring and you will spend less time looking for that perfect piece. More importantly, you will not expose yourself to frauds offering jaw-dropping piece deals. Make sure you have researched the price in the market before setting a budget.

4. Ask For Certificates and Authenticate Them

If you want to buy a real diamond, you should ask for the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). These are third-party laboratories who issue a certificate after verifying the gemstone is authentic. Reputable jewelry sellers proudly display such certificates on their websites and in their store s alongside the items on sale.

With such a certificate, you have a guarantee that the diamond jewelry you wish to buy is real and you will get value for your money. However, unscrupulous jewelers also fake these certificates and for this reason, you should check with the issuing agency or ask for a millimeter gauge and check the measurements and a scale to confirm the weight of the stone.

5. Get an Appraisal

If you want to spend a large sum on a diamond, it is advisable to invest in an appraisal by an independent dealer. Don’t use an appraiser recommended by a seller but instead seek a reputable appraiser in the industry. You will get a frank assessment of the piece you wish to buy and you can then make your decision.

6. Learn About Jewelry Value Assessment

How do you tell the value of a diamond? If you have never shopped for a diamond piece before, you need to familiarize yourself with the 4Cs of diamond quality. These are:

i. Cut: Go for ‘excellent’ or ‘very good.
ii. Color: Grading starts from D (colorless and very rare and costly) to Z (yellowish or brownish). You have to look at the stone to determine it is right for your ring instead of relying on the gated alone.
iii. Clarity: This refers to the presence or absence of flaws on a diamond. Grading starts from FL (Flawless and very expensive), followed by IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, and I1. You should not follow the grading blindly but instead, look at the stone with the naked eye and if you can’t see any flaws, you are good to go.
iv. Carat: This is the weight of the diamond and the more the carats, the bigger and more expensive the stone. Instead of buying a 1-carat diamond, buy a 0.95-carat diamond instead and save a lot of money without any noticeable difference.

With some knowledge of the 4Cs, it is easy to get a good price for your diamond and more importantly, avoid falling for a fake. To avoid getting duped, tell the jeweler to include the 4Cs of the stone on the receipt and ask for a refund if a third appraiser gets different grades. When shopping for gold, silver, and other precious jewelry, you need to learn about their valuation to avoid getting duped.

7. Don’t Shop in a Rush

If you want to buy a diamond engagement ring or any other kind of jewelry, always start shopping early. Many jewelry buyers get duped in a rush to find the perfect jewelry. You need time to research, learn about the 4Cs and other valuation processes and find the best dealer.

Take time to acquaint yourself with the jewelry market and learn more about the diamond prices. You can also learn tricks about buying cheap jewelry without getting duped before finally hitting the stores.
If you are on the market for cheap diamond earrings, take your time to research the market, learn more about the 4Cs, find a reputable dealer and have an idea about what you need. Create a budget and stick to it and always use a third party to appraise the diamond you wish to buy for your piece.

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