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The Health Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness is the practice to focus simply on the current situation by blocking the thoughts of the past or the future. The ultimate goal is to be able to feel the body sensations. Even though the concept of mindfulness meditation is originated from the East and has ties with the Buddhism religion, anyone can practice it to enjoy its vigorous benefits.

Achieving Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation are closely tied to each other. While Mindfulness is practiced through meditation, one can also achieve it employing everyday activities. The formula to achieve mindfulness is to concentrate on the present situation and silencing your inner voice.

The Health Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation

Benefits of Mindfulness

Due to the increasing popularity of mindfulness in the West, it has been combined with cognitive therapy. Research has shown positive results for achieving mindfulness with cognitive therapy. Mindfulness practiced with different stress reduction therapies has had a positive impact on the patients.

Some of the benefits include:

Reduces Anxiety Disorders

Patients suffering from Anxiety Disorders such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder can experience reduction in the depression and anxiety signs after a few mindfulness-based sessions.

Reduces Depression
Patients who suffered from depression experienced not only reduction in their residual depressive signs but also a positive energy with every session after a mindfulness meditation- based session.

Positively Impacts Relationships
According to a study, people who practiced mindfulness meditation not only had a positive impact on relationships but also dealt with stress positively. Another study reported that people who carried out mindfulness regularly had lower stress response during a quarrel, as it also assisted with better communication.

Helps to Sleep Better

Mindfulness-based stress reduction program assisted cancer patients to sleep properly, improving the sleep quality.

Solves Eating Disorders

Women suffering from bulimia nervosa reported significant improvements in behaviors and emotions, with greater acceptance, self-awareness and care among the other benefits after completing an 8-week mindfulness program successfully.

Assists in Stress Management

Patients suffering from chronic or life-threatening illness have reported finding mindfulness as a great way to deal with the daily stress of life. Positive and long lasting effects of mindfulness meditation also increase with regular practice.

How Mindfulness Reduces Stress?

Different studies have proved that mindfulness reduces obsession over stressful things and keeps people from thinking negatively. It can also be used to reduce anxiety over time. In other words, it helps to develop a positive perspective about life in general.

As stated above, Mindfulness can also be practiced without meditation with activities such as listening to music, cleaning house, and even gardening if done the right way; focusing on the present and calming down the inner voice which for the most part causes an undue stress.

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