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My Plan For Dealing With Dust Allergies At Home

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Dust allergies can not only be annoying and irritating, but can actually lead to much more serious conditions and even trigger asthma attack symptoms. If you are one of the unfortunate people who suffers from these allergies, you probably know how bad the itching, sneezing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing can become.

The first logical step to prevent outbreaks of this condition is to fight the accumulation of dust via regular cleaning, dusting and hoovering. Tragically, the irony is that usually the irritation from the dust intensifies right after dusting, sweeping or vacuuming, because the actual dust is stirred up in the air by our cleaning.

The allergens which cause the common dust allergy symptoms are quite repulsive and include: cockroaches and cockroach droppings, dust mites, pet hair and derma, mould, pollen and other microscopic stuff which becomes deeply embedded in your carpets, upholstery, curtains, pillows, mattresses and everywhere in your house.

My Plan For Dealing With Dust Allergies At Home

When I first discovered that my 4 year old daughter suffers from dust allergies, I immediately began planning serious counter measures against the dust at home.

The first step was to find the best upholstery and carpet cleaning company in Cheadle and Gatley which I called in immediately.

I was in quite a shock when they showed me the amount of dirt they managed to get out of my furniture, my bed and my carpets, even though I was feeling quite confident that I had cleaned them all thoroughly.

Now, I have decided that hiring professional cleaning companies to remove the dust from my carpets and furniture is absolutely worth every penny spent, and I have actually noticed that my beautiful little girl is not sneezing and wheezing so much anymore, even after playing on the carpet in her room.

So, after this step has been taken, I have also decided to keep our Labrador puppy out my daughter’s bedroom at all times, so that the fur and all other allergens don’t get stuck in the furniture and the bed in her room.

Even though the dog is not allowed in her room, I also take extra precautions and change and wash her bed linen at least once a week and make sure I use hot water to remove the allergens.

I have also decided to plan a re-decoration of her room, and hopefully to replace the wall-to-wall carpeting with some more hygienic and easy-to-clean wooden flooring.

Plus, a de-humidifier is constantly working in my flat, so that I keep the humidity in healthy low levels. This too helps alleviate my girls’ dust allergy symptoms.

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