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The Essay Markers’ Secrets On How To Write A Brilliant Essay

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The people that mark essays are not instinctively good at writing essays. They may be terrible, but since they spend a lot of time marking them, they are surly more knowledgeable than your average chump off the street. Great essay writing takes more than just following the essay-markers marking guide, but with that said, a few essay markers’ tips cannot hurt. They can add a shine to your already luminescent essay.

The Essay Markers’ Secrets On How To Write A Brilliant Essay

Learn how to mark essays

The first tip is an obvious one, you would learn how to mark an essay if you want the insights and experiences that essay markers have. Simply learning how to mark an essay may help you structure and create your own essays that score well.

Write in a modular fashion and put it all together later

This is far easier than it sounds. You write your essay in sections and then knit the sections together to form a complete essay. This article was written in a similar way. The headers and paragraphs were written at different times in different orders and then knitted together to form this article. The same may be done with your essays.

Dedicate at least 40 minutes every day to writing your essay

Many students pay for essay services so that the time they would have spent writing they are able to spend elsewhere, which is why is so popular. However, if you are willing to take the time to write your own essays, and you do not want to pass the work off to other people, then getting into the habit of doing 40 minutes every night will provide you with more than enough time to finish your essays and you will not have to pay for papers.

Consistent writing is more powerful than doing a lot in one go

Getting into the habit of writing is far more powerful because you are a creature of routine. You learn to become more alert and more mentally active during the period of time you spend writing, which translates into a higher standard of essay writing.

Essay markers like to see more references rather than less

It makes an essay marker’s job a little easier. The essay marker is going to be criticized for marking an essay highly if it doesn’t show clear signs of brilliance, and one of the signs is clever referencing. Add as many references as your essay needs, and even add them in for points you are making from your personal opinion. For example, you may find the opinion of other experts and insert them into your essay.

Find out what your college considers to be, “A higher use of English”

This is very important because many marking guides ask for a higher use of English, and yet most essay marking guides leave it up to the discretion of the marker/professor. Find out for yourself what a higher use of English really means.

Make points that sit firmly in line with your college’s politics

If your college is liberal, then make liberal-minded points in your essay. If your college is republican, then make republican points. Do not try to go against the grain of the college politics because to them you may simply appear misguided as opposed to enlightened.

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