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The Benefits Of PLA: Prior Learning Assessments

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What is Prior Learning Assessment?

There is a huge number of college students who have openly shared their perspective of not being comfortable with the scheduled system of traditional higher education as well as those highly expensive bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Now this exclusively fits more in the scenario where there are working individuals who want to get back to complete their academic qualifications through these widely available prior learning assessment programs offered by many life experience degree programs.

Following the above introduction, prior learning assessment in general is one of the most unique and organized norm of modern day world online education where accredited life experience degree programs provider accepts application of working individuals who have gathered substantial prior work experience in their area of expertise and now they want to transform their experience in to a valid and affordable bachelor or master degree.

The university management diligently leads the entire application process by critically examining and assessing all of the provided work experience related documents by their individuals and after full scrutinizing they approve the candidates to be eligible for their prior learning assessment programs.

The Benefits Of PLA Prior Learning Assessments

Candidates get the Most Desired Results

One of the latest research conducted by The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning concluded when working individuals engage and finish their prior learning assessment programs, most of them tend to yield better results because they have already gained significant experience and owns considerable knowledge in their area of expertise. A number of elements could explain this association of better results and prior knowledge but in most of the cases the majority of candidates have already acquired the basic and advances skill sets in their area of expertise which has been considered as one of the biggest reasons for attaining better results when they are registered with life experience degree programs.

Better Graduation Rate

The research conducted by CAEL also conducted that the 56% of students who fall in the non-PLA (prior learning assessment) are less likely to complete their degree within a 7 year span of time and on the other hand 21% OF PLA students have been surprisingly found to successfully complete their academics with in a 7 year duration. Yes, you might correlate it to the factor of motivation that actually pushes these prior learning assessment students to better coup up with their scheduled tenure but on the other hand it is also noticeable that PLA students are more likely to finish their studies as soon as possible due to their higher eagerness towards achieving faster career growth.

More Persistence in Degree Completion

In a related conclusion, the research reported that prior learning assessment students reflect a greater probability of consistency while they are enrolled. Conclusively, PLA students are more interested in quickly finished their academics as compared to those who are studying at traditional universities.

Less Time Consuming

It is evident that most of today’s highly acclaimed life experience degree programs offers are not just verified and highly affordable but, in addition to that these prior learning assessment programs are less time consuming to a greater extent. Being less time consuming is one of the greatest and most demanded benefits that the majority of online learners ask for all around the world. It is also imperative to differentiate between the level of comfort that has been brought by life experience degree programs and the level of time efficiency engaged with in.


According to the research conducted by The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning it is quite obvious that prior learning assessment programs are not only progressing faster but it has also boosted up the overall progress of the online education system and more importantly the area of life experience degree programs. In addition to that, what seems to more important is the increasing ratio of employment for such working individuals that have provided one of the best and verified way to complete their academic qualifications and above all they can bring real-time improvisation in earning faster growth and the least time possible.

Author Bio:

Carmen Loper is one of the most acclaimed and esteemed name for student online career counseling, a renowned professional blogger and well-versed lecturer with substantial experience in online education. He is working with life online life experience degree programs based on his unmatched knowledge and expertise.

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