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Brass Cable Glands – Best For Power Systems Safety In Industries

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Perfect installation of brass cable gland is an essential for power, safety and controlling the wire system in Industrial area. Brass cable glands are just handy and they give wonderful protection against tough weather condition, flammable devices, and moisture. For this purpose, cable glands are generally available with a variety of sealing materials like rubber, plastic etc.

Brass Cable Glands - Best For Power Systems Safety In Industries

They are just suitable for the places where ingress protection is required. Brass glands can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Cable gland for outdoor applications

When glands are used outdoors, they should be double coated with rubber within the sheath. The outer sealing layer ensures extra strength and amazing earth continuity. When the glands are provided with perfect PVC insulation, then they are just taken as primary choice for various industrial applications.

  • Cable gland for indoor applications

Indoor brass cable glands are used in many applications with many types of cables. The brass indoor gland is ideal for single wire armored, rubberized cable and plastic cable. Recommended to use with cover for extra ingress security.

  • Installation costs and techniques

Cable glands can be used either indoor or outdoor and they are just easy to install. The overall installation is easy for cable glands and it saves both overall time and money.

The applications of products are just endless and they can be customized as well to suit tough industrial conditions. They can be used with accessories to connect with different electrical or electronic devices.

  • Weather proof glands for tough environmental conditions

Unlike other cable gland, brass glands are just perfect for tough environmental conditions due to its weatherproof properties. These glands are known worldwide due to uninterrupted services and excellent wire components. Further, an outer sealing layer of cables just makes them suitable for most of the climatic conditions. They are designed so well that perfect to integrate almost with all electrical or electronic devices.

  • Custom glands for complex industry apps

Brass glands can be availed in tough custom specifications to meet different industry needs or demands. They can be used in almost all shapes like rectangular, hexagonal, or spherical dimensions. If you have any special requirements then this is always good to discuss with expert team manufacturers.

  • Industrial brass glands

When we discuss about industry apps then industry experts always focus more on security instead of costs. Industry products should always be more reliable and ensure wonderful mechanical strength with preferable earth continuity.

The sealing layer for industrial brass glands should be made up of quality components and long lasting in nature. The most recommended feature of industrial brass gland is ingress protection and additional safety measures.

Once you have decided on right brass cable glands for your industry, then this is the right time to focus on installation methods or techniques. You don’t have to use any traditional installation technique, but modern installation methods always work best.

Check your cable glands

Electrical safety is most important for home and industrial area to stop the accident of electrical current in hazardous area. Brass cable glands are widely used in hazardous areas, to manage electrical wire system.

Before buying and installing cable keep this point in your mind.

  • Check the types of cable glands.
  • Check the size and design of cable glands.
  • Check the thread specifications of cable glands.
  • Check the materials of cable glands.
  • Check the cable gland that is suitable as your application requirements.
  • Check the durability and fittings of cable glands.

The best idea is to discuss with an expert team for the perfect idea of installation methods and related costs. Please remember that you should never compromise on safety standards otherwise it may be hazardous and result in loss of productivity at the end.

Further, maintenance costs for brass glands are also manageable and you don’t have to spend an extra four hours. You are free to get custom solutions for your project whenever it is necessary.

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