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The Benefits Of Buses For National Travelers

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Buses often get overlooked by travelers going from state to state using public transportation. There’s non-stop airfare and long-distance trains to consider for comfort and speed. Yet, there are a lot of advantages to traveling by bus.

The Benefits Of Buses For National Travelers

More Stops

In some place, a plane or train isn’t an option. This is typical in smaller towns. There may be no airport or train station where you’re traveling. Going an hour past your destination is necessary, and you then transfer to another form of transportation to go backwards. Buses have more available stops to prevent this problem. When you arrive at your destination, you really are there.

Shorter Wait Time

A plane doesn’t get you anywhere faster when you’re on shorter trips. You have to go through extensive security checks and bag checks. Boarding a plane is a long and involved process. It may be worth it for longer distances, but there’s a point where the travel time isn’t worth the wait time. Buses are easy to board and disembark. Checks are done quickly, the bags are automatically accessible and you can walk right out of the bus station after arrival.

Less Limits

Planes come with a lot of rules, a lot of limits and some amount of understandable paranoia. A bus is much more lenient. Mobile devices are not just welcome; some bus companies offer free wireless Internet to travelers. Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are welcome. The pit stops allow you to pick up fresh food from markets and gas stations. Best of all, you don’t have to wonder if your fellow passengers phone disrupting the flight is true or a myth.

Cheaper Price

Buses are cheaper than planes and trains. This advantage was once only available to lone travelers. It got even cheaper when they added discounts for students, seniors and the military. Now, bus stations have also made changes to accommodate groups. There are friends and family discounts available.

This value extends to more than tickets too. On-board food and drinks are expensive. Instead of serving their own meals, buses stop in areas with restaurants. You pay the typical price for a meal, spend time eating or walking around, and then get back on the bus to continue your trip.

Regular and Deluxe Options

At one point, the advantages of bus travel could be overshadowed for some travelers by the discomfort on packed vehicles. They were almost tied with planes in being convenient but uncomfortable. However, buses now offer more upscale options these days. The Washington Deluxe offers buses with leg room, free WiFi and power outlets. In fact, luxury buses are becoming more popular each year. You’re getting the benefits (including a cheaper price than quality airfare) without the discomfort.

Buses have their disadvantages, but the benefits can outweigh many of the drawbacks. If you want something cheap, hassle-free, accessible and comfortable, a bus has the ability to fulfill all your traveling needs.

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