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The Beauty Of Social Netball Games

2 Mins read

Netball is becoming a sport that is more and more accessible to the millions of people in the UK, and it is becoming more prominent across the sports channels meaning more and more people are getting to watch it and understand the rules, and they are able to become fans of teams that are quite probably local to them.

Benefits of netball include:

Running – Playing netball encourages running, with short sprints around the court commonplace.  Running will provide a good cardiovascular workout for you and if completed regularly it will improve your overall fitness, strength and agility.

Hand Eye Coordination – Different throwing techniques are used in netball to pass the ball to teammates, and this encourages the improvement of hand eye coordination, which will benefit you in the game, but also in everyday life too.

Flexibility – The nature of netball means that you will be moving and turning a lot to be able to pass balls to, and receive balls from, your teammates.  Regular activity like this will improve your overall flexibility and again this will help both in sport and your life in general.

Postivity – It is proven that people who are engaged in sport have a clearer mind, and are therefore less at risk of suffering from a mental health issues.  Sport (as with any exercise) releases endorphins which create a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, and this is a big plus and a big reason why you should be getting yourself involved with netball.

If you live in London and enjoy netball as much as we do, then don’t hang around!  Get a group of mates or work colleagues together, and sign up to a league today.  It is a great relationship building tool, and will help you maintain your fitness, or build your fitness up depending on where you are presently.

To point you in the right direction on where to start please take a look at where they have arranged many social netball leagues across London for thousands of netball players to be able to enjoy a friendly game with one another, with a competitive edge attached to them.  You can sign up as a team and play with people you know, or you can sign up as an individual and become part of a team to encourage the building of new relationships.  Other websites are available if you use a reputable search engine such as Google Search.

If you have any queries and / or questions about joining a league, please ask the guys at who will be only too happy to help and give you the advice and guidance you need.

Social netball games in London are taking off, make sure you are a part of it today!

Happy ‘balling!

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