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Tatiana Kukanova – Drive Instagram Success With High-Quality Content

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Instagram influencers need to work hard when it comes to uploading good content with value to their targeted audience. There is a lot of competition in the market, and influencers have to research well before they choose the right theme and content to post on their profiles. At the same time, they need to be in touch with what their audience and followers want. In this way, they effectively can appeal to everyone and stand out in the market with success!

Tatiana Kukanova - Drive Instagram Success With High-Quality Content

Tatiana Kukanova – Planning a good content strategy for promoting your niche brand on Instagram

Tatiana Kukanova is a popular Instagram influencer who believes that good content should always be uploaded even if you do not have any followers. With time, you will find people finding value in the content you upload and post online. She suggests that before you begin to post content for your Instagram profile, there are two questions that you must ask yourself-

  1. What is the right kind of content that aligns with your market brand?
  2. What content is your audience keen to see?

When you are marketing yourself on Instagram, you need to tell your audience more about who you are and what you what them to know and why. The content plays a key role in explaining this to your audience, so they are engaged with your content.

Find the niche brand you are good at

You need to know what your brand niche is, so you first have to start with that. For instance, if you are a nature blogger and wish to upload travel content, you should post pictures of the places you visit along with a brief description of them so that your audience gets to know and like your posts. The quality of the images should be good so that they can be shared among your followers. When you get comments, make sure you reply to them instantly. You must not stray from the brand niche, as this will keep your audience glued to your posts.

Planning your content posts for the whole week on Instagram

Planning is an integral part of the content strategy on Instagram. You need to plan in advance and make sure you do not share any old posts. One of the best strategies is to take a series of photoshoots on a single day and plan posting them over the week with a write-up. The trick here is to be ready with your posts and organized when it comes to posting them online on your profile.

According to Tatiana Kukanova, when it comes to planning and posting Instagram content, ensure you use the right hashtags and captions. In case you are new to the concept of hashtags, you should check out similar brand niche pages of other Instagram influencers and note the popular trending hashtags they use. The captions should be short and catchy. In this way, you can boost your Instagram followers and stand out as a popular influencer on the platform too!

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