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Synthetic vs. Down Comforter: What’s The Difference?

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Apart from knowing where to buy down comforter, knowing which type of comforter is ideal is very important. Comforters vary from brand to brand and type to type and essentially you’ll have to decide whether to go for synthetic or down comforter. Down comforters are basically popular among many people compared to synthetic-filled comforters but on the other hand you’ll find that the latter option is cheaper due to a number of reasons. That said, it is important to know which option suits your needs best and this article will discuss the difference between the two in order to make you decision-making easier and informed.

Synthetic vs. Down Comforter: What’s The Difference?

So, what’s the difference between synthetic and down comforter? Well, first it will be worth noting that the two types vary significantly when comes to the level of warmth they provide. The prices also vary greatly as aforementioned as does the cleaning methods. Below is an outline of the differences between the two types of comforters: –


The two types of comforters derive their identity from the kind of fill used. Down comforters normally use feathers and natural down as filling while synthetic comforters are made using cotton fibers or polyester material. The kind of filling used makes all the difference when you consider the potential allergic reaction, warmth efficiency and overall comfort.


Down comforters offer greater guarantee of warmth compared to their synthetic counterparts. This is because genuine down has greater innate insulation qualities which make it possible to provide better warmth without increasing the overall weight of the comforter. In addition, down comforters have better breathability which makes it possible for them to wick moisture away from your body which translates to greater comfort whenever you are asleep. In order to get the right kind of warmth from synthetic comforters, more fill needs to be used as opposed to the production of the same warmth level when using down fill. As such, down fill comforters are winners as far as the ratio of warmth-to-weight is concerned.

Anti-allergy Guarantee

Synthetic-filled comforters are basically filled with man-made materials which are hypoallergenic in nature. As such, the comforters are very friendly to people who have different allergies and therefore using them doesn’t trigger the underlying issues. As a matter of fact, synthetic comforters do not come with allergic concerns associated with dust mites, dust particles and debris. Quality down comforters also do give some level of security when it comes to allergic people as the down filling can be washed for a number of times before stuffing into the fabric construction. This offers a down comforter which is cleaner and almost allergen-free.


It’s always important to read cleaning instructions for individual comforters. However, synthetic filling is easier to clean without affecting the quality of the filling. While it is important to have your comforter cleaned professionally, you’ll always find synthetic fill to be easier compared to down fill comforters.


Since down comforters are filled with goose or duck feathers, the cost is always bound to be higher compared to synthetic options. You will also note that even for down comforters, the cost of those designed using duck feathers is much lower than that of the ones constructed with goose feathers.

When deciding on where to buy down comforter, always ensure there are various options to pick from. This will help make your decision easier and also offer a variety to work with.

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