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Soundproofing For Your Home

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Noise Causes

Your house is comfortable to the extent that you can be quiet there. The third parties noise should not distract or interrupt your activities. The noise problem is largely due to three factors:

  • The noise that travels through the air: is the most common, it refers to the annoying sounds of a neighbor or street department (music, the cry of a child, vehicular traffic). The ideal in this case is to increase the density of windows and walls to generate further isolation.
  • The sounds travel through the structure: very common is hearing whispers, footsteps in the upstairs, dragging furniture or in extreme cases snoring neighbor or alarm.
  • Ambient noise inside the lack of soundproofing in the house is another typical problem. Each family member has special activities and the level of noise generated or listening could affect coexistence.

Interior noise usually comes from areas of greatest height or with hard materials such as marble, gypsum board or glass. The sound bounces strikes these surfaces almost completely, causing the sound stays in space for a long time, this is known as echo time.

Soundproofing For Your Home

10 Home Remedies to Silence

  • The curtains help reduce outside noise. The more thicker the better protection. The ‘double’ fabrics are ideal for a good acoustic effect. A good choice is the upholstery fabrics: velvet and jacquard.
  • Reinforces the walls and slabs with some weight materials such as drywall and seal all holes there. While they may lose centimetres of space, a second wall will keep listening to next door neighbor.
  • Looking for a balance in the walls between the hard and porous materials.
  • Avoid sliding windows. The projection or flaps allow use rubber seals that can absorb differences between the window and the frame.
  • There are special glues for wood flooring that prevent noise when someone heeling or pull a chair.
  • If the noises come from the same building, ideally install plasterboard as a ceiling or walls coated with them. These consist of a metal frame and plasterboard in the middle a layer of fiberglass placed absorbs vibrations.
  • If the need is even greater insulation, you can put between panels asphalt and rubber noise barriers that are very effective.
  • When your rooms are divided by walls of drywall, it is best to isolate the noise with fiberglass. If you are divided by normal brick walls, you can isolate the noise tapestry cloth or sponge consistency, or alternatively, you can use the carpet to absorb sound.
  • Use windows with thicker glasses, 6mm are excellent. Their cost ranges between $ 200 and $ 250 pesos per square meter. You can also use the acoustic glass. They are double glazing of 6 mm each and including an air bed that allows effective insulation is formed.
  • As for noise caused by pipes, showers or air conditioning, there are options. If they are exposed to the outside, you are given a polyurethane finish Absortex type material. If they are hidden, the solution is treated as walls with the above tips.

If you go to buy a house check out these 5 points

  1. Thickness of the Walls: According to the rules of construction, the minimum wall thickness is 12 cm. The ideal is 16 cm, or failing that is plastered on both sides, so that the plaster seal all cracks.
  2. Slab Thickness: 16 cm what is recommended, although the ideal is 20 cm. Remember that also carries the slab covering or carpet and this will raise thickness.
  3. Note that the windows are hinged or projection, then you can put better seals. Remember that if you are already sliding nothing to do: you will hear the outside noise.
  4. It is ideal that has false ceiling drywall in the room, as it will help to isolate the noise superior department.
  5. Verify that the rooms do not about the adjacent noisy spaces department, as the TV room or kitchen.

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