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Solar Powered Lighting – A Perfect Solution For Cost Saving And Desired Illumination

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As the demand for the electricity is increasing day by day, generation is not able to cope with the demand. In order to cater to the increasing demand, a sustainable and cost effective alternative is a must. There are lots of alternatives available, but only solar energy is said to be the best choice.

In case of public lightings such as street lights or in parking lots, the energy requirement would be more and for any private business it would be a big head ache, if the cost of maintaining the lighting is more than actually running the business. Especially for the private companies that offer parking lots, usage of solar energy becomes more viable than traditional grid power.

There are lots of private companies that operate these solar energy generations and you can deploy a company to cater to your lighting requirement. These companies will provide you complete solution for your lighting requirements. They use latest technology lightings i.e. LEDs.

With the LEDs there will be almost nil maintenance of the lighting and also the fixtures they use are said to be most energy efficient. The fixtures can withstand high surges and still provide you with the best illumination especially for the parking lots. Already there are lots of completed projects which will become live example for you.

Depending upon your requirement i.e. parking lot size, you can select the lighting scheme. If you have a larger field, then you can go for the flood lights that run on solar energy. Once you decide on the area for which you want lighting, the experts from the company will come and install the preset or pre-assembled lighting fixtures.

Whatever be the size of lighting you choose, the assembly comes with:

  • Solar panel arranged in a single array
  • You can opt for the completely cover vented panel pan made of aluminum
  • A bracket for mounting the rare channel which will be of welded
  • Batter console made of aluminum which seats the sealed batteries
  • Complete electronic control panel
  • Power bracket made up of aluminum which can be fastened to the wall or pole

Apart from outdoor lighting the solar energy is being used for the decorative lighting as well. You will get various verities of fixtures that hold LEDs, which can be used to decorate your house or outside premises. If you are looking for solar lighting for decoration purpose, then all you have to do is simply contact us. Our expert team will design and supply to meet your requirements.

When you opt for the decorative lighting the fixtures come with the following features:

  • You can use LEDs, CFLs, LPS’ or even HPS’ for the lighting
  • The lighting systems comes with guaranteed photometric
  • All the fixtures come with dark sky certification
  • Only branded fixtures will be used

When you work with our experts you will understand the benefits. The engineers not only help you in saving money in terms of monthly bills, but also lots of saving in terms wiring electrical circuits etc. Overall, you will gain a lot with the solar energy lighting.

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