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Sinking Home? What Might Need to Be Done to Fix The Problems

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Since your home is likely the largest investment you will ever make in your lifetime, you of course want to make sure it is properly maintained. However, should you start to notice doors and windows being hard to open and close, cracks developing on interior and exterior walls, or issues with water creeping into your basement, it is possible your home could have foundation problems, and in fact may be slowly sinking. While this sounds dire, the good news is that today’s technology allows for many ways to address this problem.

Sinking Home? What Might Need to Be Done to Fix The Problems


Commonly known as concrete lifting, slabjacking involves drilling a series of holes in the repair area, filling them with synthetic lifting solution similar to grout, and then having this solution lift the concrete slab to where it becomes even with the existing concrete. A quick and cost-effective solution, it can be done year-round with little or no disruption to your home or yard.


If you have a sinking home that has significant foundation problems, you may want to consider piering. Similar to house underpinning in that it uses metal or concrete posts to bolster the existing foundation, the piers are almost like very large screws for your home. Made of steel, the piers are drilled into your home’s foundation and lift it to the proper level. Once done, the foundation is locked into place using bolted wall brackets.

Load Testing

Once your home’s foundation has been repaired either through slabjacking or piering, you should not automatically assume the job is finished. Due to the enormous weight that will need to be supported by the foundation, you should always have a certified structural engineer examine the work that was done and conduct load testing to verify your home’s foundation is strong and stable.

Only Hire Experienced Professionals

Should you hire a company that does not specialize in foundation repair, the results to your home could be catastrophic. Therefore, only hire experienced professionals who possess certifications, licensing, and insurance. Also, do some research prior to selecting a company. By doing so, you will have a good idea what to expect during your conversations. For example, if the repair methods seem excessive for the existing problem, an estimate is given to you without a thorough inspection of your property, or the company does not provide inspection by a structural engineer, look elsewhere.

By knowing the options available to you and what to look for when hiring a foundation repair company, your home can once again be made safe and sound.

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