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Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Improving the energy efficiency of your home has many benefits. Not only does it help the environment, but it will also save you a lot of money in the long run! The initial investment will certainly be returned over time. We’ve put together a combination of simple things you can do in terms of things already in your home and also additional things you can install if you’re wanting to spend more money. No matter your budget, we’ve got something to suit you and your home! 

Upgrade Your Boiler

One of the bigger investments you can make to ensure your home is more energy efficient is to upgrade your boiler to a more energy efficient version. They waste much less fuel when heating the home, saving you money whilst also helping the environment. Make sure you take the time to do research and speak to specialists in order to make the right decision, as a good quality, energy efficient could potentially last you decades!

This can be quite a costly investment and may need a specialist to install them, however they will last a very long time and could save you up to 30% on your heating bill. In the long run, this is one of the best investments you can make for your home. 

Change To Energy Saving Light Bulbs

A smaller yet effective change you can make in your home is to switch to energy saving light bulbs. They last much longer than normal light bulbs and they use much less electricity. Energy saving light bulbs don’t cost much more at all than normal bulbs. Although the saving in terms of energy might not be as significant as if you changed your boiler, it is definitely worth it long term.

The only disadvantage of energy saving light bulbs is that they take slightly longer to get to full brightness compared to your average light bulb, however this is only very slight. For most people this is not an issue at all and the benefits certainly outweigh this minor inconvenience. 

Install Blinds

Another way to save money and help the environment is by installing custom blinds. Having blinds fitted by a professional on windows throughout the house will help to prevent heat loss, meaning you will save a significant amount of money on heating bills. Additionally, if you live in warmer climates, blinds can help to keep the house cool in the summer, meaning you will save money on air conditioning costs. 

Specialists will also have fabrics that are specifically designed to help control heat leaving or coming into your home. Although this will be useful all throughout your house, it will have the most impact when fitted in the conservatory. This is usually the space most affected by temperature control issues, so you will save plenty of money by just fitting them in your conservatory!

Avoid Leaving Electronics on Standby 

Leaving your electronics on standby can actually waste electricity over time. If you leave a device plugged in and switched on, but in standby mode, then it is likely it will still be using electricity. Energy will be wasted, losing you money. So, simply switching off your devices completely when not using them is the best way you can save money and energy. 

Although only a small amount of energy will be used when an appliance is on standby mode, the savings will add up over time and if everyone makes that small change, it will make a huge difference and save a lot of energy. 

Wash Clothes at a Low Temperature

Another really simple thing you can do to save energy and money is to wash your clothes on a low temperature. Aim to wash your clothes at either 30 or 40 degrees celsius, as this will cut down your Co2 emissions, save energy and save money. 

Washing your clothes at a low temperature also helps to preserve them. High temperature washes can be quite damaging to clothing, so washing them on low will extend the life of your wardrobe to save even more money over time and to prevent clothes going to landfill as often. Just a reminder that when your clothes are worn out, make sure you recycle them properly!

It is advised that with things like underwear, towels and bedding, you should wash them using a higher temperature to kill any unwanted bacteria. However, you can buy antibacterial washing detergents and powders, to make sure that no matter the temperature you use, any bacteria will be killed.

Look At Double Glazing

The benefits of double glazing really are endless. This is certainly a bigger investment, but along with a new boiler, one of the best. Firstly, the insulation is much better than normal windows, so less heat is able to escape. This can save huge amounts of money and energy over time! Once your house is heated, it will stay warm for a long time. 

There are also less obvious benefits that are usually an afterthought, but should be considered as they are big! Noise reduction is a fantastic benefit, especially if you live in busy areas, as you will notice things are much quieter. Additionally, it is much more difficult for intruders to get into your property as double glazed windows are harder to break than traditional alternatives. Additionally, most double glazed windows are likely to have more secure locking systems, which is another security benefit.

Above all, double glazing will save you money and energy. As with the other larger investments, you will certainly get your money back over time with double glazing

Final Thoughts

There are so many different things you can do to make your home more energy-efficient. From bigger investments like new boilers or double glazing to small daily changes like turning devices off standby mode or doing your wash at a lower temperature, it will all add up and make a difference in the long run.

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