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Signs Your Home’s Utilities Need An Update

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Even if you go to great lengths to keep your home well-maintained, there will come a point when some of the main utilities must be repaired or replaced entirely. That is why you should always keep an eye out for any signs that there might be some issues with any of your home’s utilities.

Signs Your Home's Utilities Need An Update

Unusually High Water Bills

Your water bills are naturally going to fluctuate throughout the year, but those changes are usually gradual. If you have recently noticed that your water bill is extremely high, then you might be dealing with a leak. In the average home, leaks result in around 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year. Luckily, finding and fixing most residential water leaks is a relatively easy job for an experienced plumber.

Constantly Tripping Breakers

All of your home’s electricity comes through the breaker box, and that device is designed to keep you safe if there is a sudden surge in the current. When that takes place, one or more of the switches are going to trip so that there isn’t a fire. Occasional tripped circuit breakers usually aren’t a major concern, but you might have some serious electrical issues that need to be addressed if you are constantly tripping your breaker switches.

Burning or Acrid Smells

If you ever notice a burning or acrid smell in your home, you must locate the source of the odor as quickly as possible. While it might be nothing more than some debris in a microwave or oven, those types of odors can occur if the wiring is getting too hot as well. You might also notice that your outlets are hot to the touch or your lights are constantly flickering if your electrical system is damaged or outdated.

Sewage Odor

Residential sewage systems are designed to completely block out odors, and that is why you should contact a plumber right away if you ever notice any overwhelming sewage smells. Those odors can sometimes be caused by minor clogs, but they might also be the results of a cracked sewage line. Some other signs of a cracked sewage line include discolored patches of grass, pooling water on your property, and mold around your home’s foundation.

These problems might bring your life to a grinding halt, but many home issues can easily be avoided with a little bit of maintenance. In addition to keeping your eye out for any signs of damaged utilities, you should also make sure that you are having all of your home’s systems professionally inspected once every few years.

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