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6 Reasons Why Stretching During Work Can Increase Your Mood

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Spending hours at the workplace can be stressful and tiring for your mind and body, and it also contributes to fatigue and a dull mood, but stretching gives you a boost. This is because it refreshes you, enhances your mood, and restores your posture as well.

6 Reasons Why Stretching During Work Can Increase Your Mood

Here are six reasons why stretching during work can increase your mood.

Release of Hormones

Stretching immediately elevates your mood, as it enhances the release of hormones called endorphins that directly affect your mood and emotions. In addition to this, stretching also affects your brain and muscles and boosts alertness. 

When at work, you can start to feel anxious, stressed, and sometimes even sad. Getting up out of your chair and leaving the screen to stretch for 15 minutes can drastically improve your mood and work ethic for the day because endorphins are released into your body. Endorphins are the “feel-good hormone” and when they are released when your body is active. When taking a break to stretch at work, you will notice a difference in how you do your tasks and talk with co-workers.

Increase Blood Flow

One of the reasons why stretching elevates your mood is through the enhanced blood circulation throughout your body and muscles. Recall that increased blood flow contributes to better mood and improves concentration as well. You will be able to think better after a good stretch.

Relaxing Awareness

Stretching brings your mind and body in complete synchronization through the movements you make with the help of the muscles. The coordinated mind-body interaction increases your mood as well and promotes the feeling of happiness. You will be more aware of your tasks, without the stress.


We are well aware that yoga is all about stretching and flexibility, and it simultaneously promotes the body’s well-being and positive mood changes. Similarly, stretching improves the body’s flexibility and contributes to positive mood changes. Stretching makes you focus on the part of your body that is sore and will get your mind off the stressful situations that are happening at work.

Improves Psychology

Stretching has a direct effect on improving your psychological well-being. It minimizes anxiety, depression, and ADHD, as these disorders can depress a person and promote a feeling of sadness and hopelessness. Hence, stretching can promote happiness by reducing the impact of these jumbles on your brain.

Being Present in the Current Moment

Stretching elevates your mood by keeping negative thoughts away. In addition to this, it helps a person to focus on the present only. It helps in refocusing and staying in the present moment.

You might wonder, how come? How does stretching bring you back to the current moment? It is really simple, you are able to slow down, clear your mind, and focus on each part of your stretch. You are paying attention to your sore areas or your lethargy as you stretch. It is a powerful, yet simple practice that can provide great value.

Conclusively, stretching can be an instant booster for you at work to restore and refocus on the present ongoing things. Hence, when feeling low, you can always take a minute or two to stretch your body and bring in positive energy. With Onsite injury prevention services, you can learn how to be more happy and active at work.

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