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Signs You May Need A Drain Cleaning Service

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The drains in your home are designed to carry out waste water and, most of the time, you don’t even have to give your drains a second thought. Although you might think the drainage system in your house is working flawlessly, what is going on out of your sight could be leading up to a serious problem. If you know what to look for, you can identify the signs that signal your drains are no longer wide open. Hiring a drain cleaning service to clean your drains when these signs first begin can prevent more serious problems from developing later on.Plumb Perfect Plumbing has the expertise and advanced tools and technology to tackle any kind of clogged drain.

Signs You May Need A Drain Cleaning Service

The signs listed below probably mean you could benefit from a drain cleaning service:

Sluggish Drains – In spite of running nothing but clear water into your sink or tub, it takes a while for the water to drain out. This is due to a gradual buildup in the drain that has decreased the amount of room the water has to run through. If ignored, sluggish drains will soon become completely blocked and cause a backflow of water into the sink or tub.

In the kitchen, clogged drains are typically the result of oil, fat, and grease that have been poured down the drain. Even small amounts of these substances can adhere to the drains and build up over time. This is why clogged drained occur slowly, even though the problem might seem to occur all at once. Prevention is your best defense against clogged drains but, once they occur, professional drain cleaning is the best way to restore drain flow.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that pouring drain cleaner down the drain is a true test of the problem. Sometimes people repeat this process several times without success and determine that a clog must not be the problem. Once a drain has become completely or almost completely blocked, these products simply don’t have the power to break through the clog.

Bad Odors – Sticky substances in your drain can also cause bad odors to develop but there are other causes as well. If there is a trash disposal in your kitchen sink, remnants of food that have decayed are often to blame. If a drain is not properly vented and made with a trap, it may have sewer gas coming inside. Any time there are any bad odors coming from the drain, you should call a plumber to determine the cause and have it addressed.

Water Backup – When water backs up in the shower, overflows in the washer, or the water in the toilet rises up when you run water in the sink, you probably have a clogged sewage line. In this case, you will need to hire a plumbing company with the expertise to perform sewer drain cleaning to get your entire plumbing system working right again.

Drain cleaning is a good preventive move for drains that have already begun to show signs of problems and those that have already reached a more serious stage. Knowing what to look for will help prevent your drains from advancing to more serious problems.


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