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Top 10 Signs Of Dry Skin and How To Cure Them

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Skin is a fragile, unique, sensitive and the most visible part of the body. It often reacts differently to different things. One of the reactions is dry skin. It is a skin condition that is as a result of having little or no moisture in the skin. Dry skin is evidenced by many different factors or symptoms that appear on the skin. Identifying these signs or symptoms is essential as it will be easier to treat and provide remedies for them. However, there are many signs and many treatment methods. Here are the top 10 dry skin signs and the means to treat them and ensure your skin is glossy, shining and well moisturized at all times.

Top 10 Signs Of Dry Skin and How To Cure Them

1. Flaky skin

The skin sometimes feels rough in texture, peels off and can sometimes appear scaly. This is what flaky skin is and is as a result of excess drying of the skin. Some of the results of a flaky skin are dandruff. Flaky skin sometimes peels off and the skin becomes pale. To treat the condition, ensure you thoroughly clean your skin frequently and apply the best skin moisturizer on a regular basis.

2. Itchy feeling

If suffering from dry skin, it is sometimes irritating and you feel itchy. Those accelerates the effects of dry skin and the condition becomes worse. Ensure that you apply moisturizers before going to bed and apply moisturizers on a regular basis during the day. This limits itchiness and reduces cases of inflammation.

3. Patches

Dry skin resulting in huge patches of the skin some discolored and some appear red. Sometimes, they have severe sensations i.e. burning sensations. To treat, moisturize and use a lightener of the patches that have discolored. This ensures the patches are healed and you acquire an even toned, lighter skin tone.

4. Skin breakage

Breakage results from dry skin. Sometimes the skin cracks and may result in bleeding. This happens especially during winter. If the crack is deep, seek medical attention. However, if it is just starting to dry, the best way is to use lukewarm water to moisturize and apply an oil based moisturizer to ensure the moisture is retained for longer.

5. Chapped lips, heels and palms

These are common skin conditions and they indicate the level of moisture present in the body. Chapping is caused by low amounts of moisture and can be remedied by increasing the moisture in the body. You can do this by taking a lot of water or using the best skin moisturizer you have.

6. Irritation

Skin irritation is another factor that indicates cases of having a dry skin. The skin if not protected becomes irritated and if exposed to irritants such as laundry detergents, the dryness increases. Check the products before purchasing and ensure you continuously moisturize your skin.

7. Skin discoloration

When the skin discolors in one area and other areas remain the same, something is definitely happening. Discoloration often indicates dryness in the skin, which can be remedied by increasing water intake, which is an excellent hydration element. Also, apply moisturizers on a regular schedule until the discoloration disappears.

8. Hard skin

In some cases, you may feel your hands to be hard if touched. The hardness is as a result of the limited moisture that the skin is exposed to. Hardness indicates that your skin is dry. Continuously moisturizing your skin with the best skin moisturizer especially the hands and palms is essential. It ensures that your skin remains smooth to the touch and soft when felt.

9. Cracked palms and heels

The palms and heels are prone to different environmental factors that adversely affect them. In extreme weathers, palms and heels lose a lot of moisture making them quite dry. This leads to cracking and sometimes the cracks bleed. To treat them, you should seek medical attention if the bleeding is too much, or the cracks are too deep. In addition, you can use the pommes stone and scrub your legs, put on closed shoes when walking out and ensure you remain moisturized at all times.

10. Ashy skin

If you have a dark skin, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate the rash or dry skin symptoms that may appear. However, your skin turning ashy in appearance is a symptom of having dry skin. Therefore, ensure you apply adequate moisturizers to better maintain your skin condition.


Dry skin is a condition that can affect anyone. This is mainly because your skin type varies with the current weather conditions and due to other factors such as your internal health. Knowing the signs and their treatments offers an easy and fast way to acquire relief.

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