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Bio Food In Lisbon: Markets and Supermarkets Guide

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Want some French fries? Do you like hamburgers or cheeseburgers? Are they useful for your organism? Of course, they are not. So, people think of healthy food to better their health and forms. Oh, it is time to go to the fitness center and to the shop to buy real food. People are hunting for bio products. They are usually assigned by bio or organic marks. Of course, they are more expensive than usual product. Nevertheless, the number of naturalists cannot be stopped from growing.

Ok, from the very beginning it is needful to hire a car in Lisbon to get to the right place immediately. Welcome to the most popular market of Lisbon – Mercado da Ribeira. Ok, it is time to ask for bio food. It is surprising, but you can buy bio product just in one shop on the market territory – The Freixo do Meio. The goods that are sold with the bio sign came from the company of the same name. You can find excellent milk products, bio beef, vegetables, fruits and mushrooms, even bread. The food experts consider the product from this shop the best in the whole country.

Greens and vegetables in store

It is not easy to buy bio products in Lisbon. It is great that this market gives you a unique chance to buy natural food. The market grows day by day. The easiest variant is buying healthy food in the capital of Portugal. There are many bio markets in the city. So, where to go for healthy food?


Brio supermarket chain is positioned as bio food supermarkets. You can find the wide assortment of food, alcohol drinks, household chemicals, cosmetics and products for pets. This shop is the best visiting place for tourists. It is situated in Chiado district (Travessa do Carmo, 1). Actually, this shop is not much different from the rest of the city supermarkets. There is one thing: all available products are marked with the bio sign. These are fresh bio fruits and vegetables, milk products, meat, fish, super food, bio chocolate from many countries of the world.

There are many books about healthy dieting. The shop assistants are pleasant and experienced managers. They always ready to help you with the choice. What is more, there is a little cafe on the market territory. You can buy business lunch, salads and natural juices there.


Supermarket AmorBio is located in the region of Campo Grande (Praca Alvalade, 9). There is a cozy cafe in the supermarket, where you can drink a cup of aromatic bio coffee or herbal tea with the useful dessert. You can also buy fruits and vegetables wrapped in paper packages, bread, yogurts, drinks and other things. You can also buy cosmetics, household chemicals that are absolutely safe to use. Pay attention to Roobars – natural chocolate bars with dried fruits. They are difficult to find in Portugal.


The supermarket chain Celeiro is specialized in healthy food and biologically active additives. The shops of this brand work in 18 cities of Portugal. They are more than 10 in Lisbon. Of course, biological additives are big part of the shop assortment. You can buy vitamins, sport food, cereals, milk, yogurts, cheese with bio mark. You cannot buy fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. There is also a free magazine about healthy food and interesting dishes. What is more, Celeiro personnel speak different languages. So, it is not difficult to find what you want.


Biocop was the first bio shop in Portugal. It was created in 1993. This is the biggest wholesale supplier of bio products for more than 3000 of clients all over the country. There is a big shop in Lisbon (Rua Salgueiro Maia, 14). This is not only a great chance to buy all that you can wish for, but visit bio cafe and bakery. Stop and lunch here!


The shop of bio products Miosotis is more than 8 years old. It was firstly opened in Campo Pequeno. Lately, the shop moved to Rua Latino Coelho, 89, not far from Praca Espanha. This is a big territory and enough space for everything. There is a big choice of bio vegetables and fruits; there is a meat shop, cafe. You can meet new people, farmers to learn many new things about bio food. You can also buy household chemicals in the shop. They are safe and recommended to use every day without harm.



BioMercado supermarket is a newcomer in the bio market of Portugal. It is situated in the region of Saldanha (Av. Duque de Avila, 141B). There is a big choice of fruits and vegetables. The most of them are national and traditional for Portugal. There is bio fish and met. There is also a bakery to make bio bread and pastry there. What about bio wine? There is alcohol department in the shop. You can make a stop and try bio coffee in the cafe. It is always crowded here.


Of course, it is very convenient buying food in the supermarket. Nevertheless, you should go to the city market. You can find a lot of unexpected things there. The market of bio food becomes bigger and bigger. The markets work from morning till evening. It is better to find working hours in the internet to be sure. Natives like Mercado Biologico do Campo Pequeno. It works on Saturday from morning till noon.

You should go to the market. This is your chance to meet people or companies that are specialists in growing organic food. Of course, you can find out more about farm, farmers, their way of life and sanitation. Try to meet new people and ask about delivery services. As a rule, farmers use delivery services to send you all your purchases by post. Do not ask for certificates. The most of products are not certified. It is not a cheap service for every farmer. Want guarantees? – Go to the supermarket. The choice is yours.

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