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Service To Others – The Highest Form Of Worship

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The average life of an individual is 65- 70 years in the present times, and most of it goes into trying to make money to have a better and luxurious life. However, even at the end of the prime years when one steps into his retirement days, all he remembers doing is working day in- day out to earn big bucks and doing nothing fruitful. The entire life seems to have been wasted because there does not remain anything over which the individual can feel satisfied.

This happens simply because all your life you have only concentrated on what you need, what your family needs. If there would have been moments in which you contributed something towards the service of others then perhaps, you would have a peaceful and satisfactory retired life. The Westside Family Church will help you to avoid such hopeless moments in life. Based in Kansas, this church is always waiting with open arms for all those who wish to spend more time with God and nourish their spiritual life.

An association with this community church and you will be able to realize the kind of happiness that can be got by serving others. The members of this selfless church follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and they believe there is no other greater form of worship and showing gratitude to God than by serving others. The fellow humans who are lacking in the basic necessities of life and are in dire need of help, these are the people who need to be reached out to and that is what this church endeavors to do.

They have been helping abandoned children, people afflicted with HIV in places like India, Thailand, Africa, etc. They are dedicated to helping make the lives of these deprived and rejected people of society worth living, by making them feel loved and wanted. Jesus always preached that it is in loving your neighbors as yourself that you are able to win the blessings of God Almighty. Following the words of Jesus written in the Holy Bible is the way to live a fruitful and sumptuous life.

It is these biblical words that the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS follows ardently and hence is a happy lot of people. This does not mean that they have forgotten to live their personal lives, they simply have replaced the time of enjoying life with materialistic things with spending that time in attaining meaning to their existence and a sense of well being. The love, affection and gratitude that they receive from these down trodden people are of much greater value than the material things.

You can get material pleasures but those are not long lived, they are temporary, but the pleasure that you can get by serving people is something that satiates your soul and gives and eternal inner bliss. You really do not need a lot of riches to ensure your place in heaven; you need a rich heart to be able to do so.

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