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Save Your Relationship With TheOneSpy App

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There is an accepted generalization among the masses that monitoring apps are only designed to spy your spouse, reveal their secret whereabouts and ultimately leading to break-up or divorce but the reality on the otherwise hand. Monitoring apps offer a great deal of help in saving your relationships and even strengthen them if convincing discussions are tabled with the spouse. The post specifically aims at helping the spouses and put forward handy tips to save their relationships.

How TheOneSpy App Helps Saving Relationships?

As it often happens that a spouse cheats on the other and puts the relationship into troubles, it’s necessary to figure out the ways to check out what actually your spouse does, where he/she goes after office, who he/she dates with and what are their activities in your absence. This is what a monitoring app provides its users to get answers to all these questions and prepare an encounter strategy to deal with your husband or wife.

When it comes to selecting a monitoring app, TheOneSpy application is second to none in providing the desired results. The app is highly optimized and beats its competitors is delivering accurate reporting, perfect functionality, and excellent results. There are multiple features of TheOneSpy that will let you save your relationship. Here are these listed below:

Spying on Voice Calls and Text Messages

Once you have purchased the app, it will become functional immediately, and you can check the results in your dashboard. Through spying on calls and messages, you will be notified who your target talks to and who does he/she talk on calls. All the incoming and outgoing calls and messages will be in your reach to check and read. The other details like phone numbers, caller names, and details of text messages, address and emails will also be recorded.

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Track Their GPS Locations

Not only will you be provided with the location histories but details of all the places as well. TheOneSpy app gives details about the full day locations of your target, whereabouts, even weekly history of the locations and you can specify some areas as restricted for your target. Marking areas safe and unsafe will let you get reports when the target reaches those places.

Check Social Media

Social media has become now an important means of communications and interacting with the friends, families and colleagues. Nowadays, most of the communication is done through social media forums like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, Google Hangouts and others. TheOneSpy lets your snoop your partners on all social media platforms and checks out their activities. Millions of users are addicted to social media apps and websites and among these are the kids in a greater number. Kids are extensively using the social media, and even they admit that they share such stuff and content their parents would rebuke them after seeing. 80% do sexting when they get smartphones, and 70% among these are very young with ages of 8-18 years.

Bug Mic and Camera

This is an advanced feature that none other than TheOneSpy app offers to its users. Using mic bug feature, you can listen to the sounds in the surroundings of your targets, can record them and listen later on when needed. Bugging camera will capture front and back photos and you can check out who your partner was with. The bugging feature is an innovative and TheOneSpy is the first app to bring it for its customers. To switch it on, the user needs to go to the dashboard and activate the feature.

These are the major features of the app that can provide you with details about the activities of your spouse. Having all these information and proofs will make it easy for you to have a discussion with your partner, present the evidence and convince him/her not to do that again. Sincerity and a bit of mild communication will go a long way in convincing your spouse. The situation may go opposite as well as the spouse will get furious to know that you have been monitoring him/her, but you must be prepared to deal with all such problems and complete a successful job by saving your relationship and put a stop to any more cheating.

Furthermore, deploying general tips for talking on a sensitive issue like this one with your spouse would go perfectly. Tolerating all this until your become sure that you are being cheated, and your spouse needs treatment. Being strong enough to endure all this like when you can face criticism and even rebukes from the partner after telling that you have been monitoring him/her will a good step to save your relationship.

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