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Save Money With Verizon Promotions

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Do you want to save money on internet services? If you have been looking for a way to minimize your expenses then you are at the right place. Verizon FIOS promotions offer you with the opportunity of saving money on cables, phones as well as internet bills. Do not buy the mentioned items separately at high prices because you can bundle them together so that you get a great deal from Verizon. Apart from this deal, Verizon offers you with other attractive promotions that will enable to make your dream of saving more money this year to come true. Some of the promotions that you will find include the following.

Save Money With Verizon Promotions

Triple play promotion-$ 77.99/mo

Starting as low as $ 79.77/month, this promotion includes free activation that comes with no term agreement. You can sign for agreement lasting for 2 years to win a $ 300 promo card from Verizon. The promotion also includes phone service, FIOS select HD television and FIOS internet services. In addition, you will receive an Ellipsis 7 4G Tablet without paying anything or up to $200 off any tablet that you want to purchase from the dealer plus Verizon wireless activation valid for up to 2 years. if this promotions looks unfavorable check with the next one.

Double play promotion- $ 64.99/month

Double play promotion starts at $ 64.99/ month making it relatively cheaper when compared to the triple play promotion. This promotion includes FIOS internet, free activation and FIOS select TV service. You can add various sports channels for $ 10 monthly so that you can some of your favorite teams as they battle out in different leagues. The other benefit that comes with the promotion is that you will receive a free Ellipsis 7 4G or as high as $ 200 off any tablet of your choice with a Verizon activation lasting for two years before reactivating once again.

Double play promotion- $ 59.99/month

The Double play promotion- $ 59.99/month promotion includes local FIOS TV, free activation, FIOS Quantum internet and HBO or show time. You can sign up for a period of two years and then get HBO plus show time. The package also presents you with a free Ellipsis 7 4G tablet or alternatively you can pick on the $ 200 off different tablets that come with 2-year Verizon activation without requiring any promotional code for the same.

High speed triple -$ 69.99

The high-speed triple promotion starts at $ 69.99 and requires a DirecTV agreement lasting for two years. The promotion includes Verizon phone service and Verizon high-speed internet. You can get the benefits without any promotion code.

High-speed internet – $ 19.99

There is no agreement needed for the High-speed internet – $ 19.99. Once you have their home phone service, simply click on the field indicated PLANS and get the offer.

In conclusion, saving money is no longer a dream because you can make it a reality, thanks to Verizon promotions. Verizon has brought your offers that will not only help you to save more money but also enable you enjoy high quality services. You can check with various promotions on so that you get free phones or internet services among other things included in various packages. We have offers starting as low as $ 19.99 just to enable you to enjoy internet services without paying much for the same.

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