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Save Money On Hotels In Amsterdam and Splurge On Recreational Activities

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The “Venice of the North” Amsterdam in North Europe is nothing than surreal. It is counted amongst the top global tourist destinations and its’ modern yet close to conventional culture adds to the city’s charm. Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city and tourists can find a perfect blend of modern and rustic architecture.

If you are seeking a solo adventure, then you can head to Amsterdam because you can easily save money on hotels in Amsterdam. You can stay in a hostel, meet new people, and learn about a new culture, or you can stay in a budget hotel in Amsterdam. The city is blessed with popular tourists haunts for you to relax and enjoy. Being a metropolitan city, Amsterdam offers sightseeing adventures to quaint coffee shops and everything in between.

Coming to the hotels in the city, there are a myriad of options available. Either you can choose to save money on hotels in Amsterdam and spend it elsewhere (because there are tons of things you can do in the city) or you can relish in the more expensive suites and resorts that the city has to offer.

Save Money On Hotels In Amsterdam and Splurge On Recreational Activities

The Merits of Budget Accommodation:

First, let us talk about the budget hotels. The hotels are cheap yet they are comfortable and offer a great deal of services. One can get an economical accommodation on the outskirts of the old city centre in the neighboring suburbs. The cost of the budget hotels in the city is usually between $60 and $80 for a night. Moreover, you don’t have to book expensive tour guides or cabs for a tour around the city as the public transportation is very efficient and you can easily find your way to the tourist destinations in the city. These budget hotels lie near popular tourist haunts and you can even go for a ferry ride when you want.

If you can splurge on your vacation then luxury hotels in Amsterdam awaits you. Here you can enjoy top-notch amenities such as, spa, restaurant, safety deposit box to store your valuable, launderette, and babysitting.

What Does Luxury Brings?

The 5-star hotels offer every luxury that money can buy. Some of the top hotels in the city have a maritime decor that completes the eccentric colonial style architecture that will take you back in the historical days. Other hotels are built on the 16th and 17th century style architecture that are rustic, yet every bit modern. You can also rent a full house or studio apartment with Airbnbs. If you don’t want to stay confined to a hotel room, then you can opt for this brilliant option and live in the city like it belongs to you.

Places to Visit:

Explore this city on foot and the evening strolls on the pedestals will leave you in a trance. The best tourist attractions that will just astound you are National Maritime Museum, Vondelpark, Bloemenmarkt and of course, the canals of Amsterdam. The breath taking views and panoramic vistas that you will see at these places will definitely put your soul in another world. Just sit there for some time and take in all that nature has to offer.

All these places are unique and offer something different. The Maritime museum is at the bank of a lake and it is the best place for all the inquisitive mariners and people who love the nautical details of the ships and sea.

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