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Key Things To Do In Your Garden During The Summer

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Once the fresh spring months are over and the signs of summer are upon us, it is important to keep your garden maintained to ensure it lasts the change. Long, hot summer days can take their toll on any garden, causing weeds to thrive, flowers to wilt and lawns to get out of control. So now is the time to make sure you keep on top of it all by following the below summer gardening guide. Full of tips and handy reminders, this simple guide can help you to turn your garden into pure summer bliss.

Key Things To Do In Your Garden During The Summer

1. Mowing your Lawn 

Lawns love the summertime and always grow much quicker during these weeks than in other season. And while leaving it to grow can give your garden a natural feel, keeping your grass cut can help it to stay healthier for longer. So if you want a lush green lawn to enjoy over the summer, weekly lawn mowing should be one of your main priorities. If you have a particular aversion to cutting the grass then investing in a good lawn mower can help to ease the pain and can even give you more evenly cut grass blades. The professionals from London gardeners ltd can also help you out and can relieve you of all of you lawn maintenance pains.

2. Weed Control 

Like us, weeds love the long, hot summer days and are prone to sprout up in their hundreds during this occasionally sunny season. That is why it is essential to keep an eye on your borders, lawns and tree roots for any unwanted perennials. Weeds can starve your flowers, plants and grass of much needed water and food leaving them weakened and at risk. But by hoeing your borders regularly and keeping an eye out for any unwanted weeds you can keep on top of them with ease. There are many treatments out there for eradicating weeds though a bit of hard graft and manual labour can serve to do just as good a job.

3. Watering 

While you’re out enjoying the sunshine it is easy to forget that your garden may need some extra attention during long periods without any rain. Container plants and hanging baskets in particular can need some extra TLC as they will have less soil to draw moisture from when the rains die out. That is why watering is a key task for all gardeners who want to keep their garden flourishing and full of life. Remember that when you water, the soil of your borders and flowerbeds should be completely drenched so that water makes it all the way down to the roots.

4. Dead-heading 

If you want to keep your flowerbeds in shape for longer then dead-heading your flowers is a quick and easy option. Dead-heading, which involves the removal of dying flower heads, can keep your borders looking neat and tidy while also encouraging longer and continuous blooms. So don’t let those fading flowers bring the rest of your garden down when in just a matter of seconds you can have them removed.

5. Enjoy!

After all of your hard work, summer is the time when you can really enjoy your garden. While the sun is shining and the birds and the bees are thriving, your garden really comes into its own. So after you’ve mowed the lawn, taken care of those weeds and watered the flowers, sit back, relax and soak it all in. Far too often, people stress about keeping on top of their garden jobs and forget all about actually enjoying their outside spots.

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