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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Count The Amazing Features

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Samsung Galaxy Series is going to get the best phone as the Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Note 5 very soon in the market, and this new phone is already on the most trending topics over the web, and Samsung fans don’t want to see any disappointments that are why Samsung has done its job perfectly and provide the amazing specifications.

Samsung 2K resolution display phone smartphones are doing great and even they are more energy efficient as compare to the full HD display. In S6 Edge, Samsung didn’t pick only 2K resolution display but a display which is curved from both ends, but still offer a great feature but Viewing angle of the display AMOLED is not perfect; color side seem somewhat faded. But if you look directly at the screen, the ink are vibrant and energetic; shades a little less natural than the iPhone 6, but from several color palettes S6 Edge can choose the most suitable. And the improvement may appear after the Samsung reveals the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

But it takes its contrast: deep black and bright white is added vigor dark scenes, while maintaining high detail. S6 Edge – one of the best smartphones Samsung sound quality. It supports formats with sample rates up to 24 bit / 192 kHz; the compositions are shown in HD logo and UHQ bitrate. The list also includes formats FLAC and WAV; and music in high resolution, and flows from Spotify distinguish vigor and a strong attack on the entire frequency range. Sophisticated sound seems to be stingier than the iPhone 6, but it is a dynamic and tonally balanced. The curved contours not only provide a more complete immersion in the film, but also make the S6 Edge one of the most impressive smartphones on the market Entries for high resolution orchestral works show little better refinement and increased volume, but expressive vocals have Sony Xperia Z3. S6 Edge is equipped with an eight-core 64-bit processor Samsung Exynos and three gigabytes of RAM bullet. As a result, smart little “slow” even in games with the most sophisticated graphics. Samsung Touchwiz interface would not hurt to add a little more at ease, however, the company held in this regard considerable work by making the design more clear and reducing the number of unnecessary programs. But Samsung has to do something, so that the TouchWiz could work with more ease in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

As already mentioned, to the ribs in the interface “fix” some interesting new features. You can associate a contact with a list of five favorites, are located along the edges defined for each custom color – and when one of them call, the edges will glow color set. This function can also be used to get information about the time and weather, news and notifications when the screen is off, but the movement sweeps away to receive it should not be too sharp, and the information itself could be given more. And same you can expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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