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Revolution Of Mankind With It

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The role of information technology in today’s world is as great as can be, and most of the time while fail to realize just how essential a part of our lives it has become. We are so used to technology just being around at our disposal that we take it for granted; forgetting how drastically every aspect of our lives will be affected if it stopped working for just one short day.

So let’s take a look. Let ourselves lose in a world deprived of technology, and explore what it looks like.

We will suddenly find so much time at our hands that we would freak out, not knowing what to with our lives anymore. There is no cellphones, so no candy crush, no texts or calls to make or receive. There is no web to surf, no YouTube to watch all that random non sense on. You do not even have a computer anymore to start and stare at the wallpaper or open the application “paint” and scribble on it, like you used to in the older, pre internet days. There is no television to help you get your mind off the daily hustle bustle of life. You can’t even watch the news. If you want to know what the world out there is unto, you have to do it the old fashioned way: Get yourself a newspaper and give it a thorough read because after all, you do seem to have all the time in the world at your hands.

Let’s look at children’s lives. No video games, no TV shows. They got to get their lazy bodies off that couch, go out and find something to entertain them, keep them busy, and get creative again. But what’s worse for them is now they have no choice but to do all their homework on their own, with no internet to help them in any way whatsoever. They must start their 2000 words assignment at least a week prior to the deadline, for getting to the library, borrowing some large, dusty volumes of monotonous books, and giving them a read needs time. And patience, for that matter.

And let me tell you, every one of those people in business organizations, employees and employers alike, will be working vigorously trying to keep up with the intense amounts of paperwork. Data entry, processing, and securing it. One small error could result in a disaster. Imagine trying to fine that error. Worst nightmare. What if some of those very important data registers go missing? Better not think about it, but anyway, this could go on and on and on. You get the point. Technology is everything today.


Getting back to reality, where technology is thankfully present, presenting you Dell Desktops. “Dell XPS 8300, high on features, low on price.” Its speed, its connections, just everything about it is perfect for you. You will be delighted to know what hides beneath that white washed casing. A brand-new 3.4GHz Intel Core i7-2600 CPU. And not just that, its processor is this best you can find. With a two terabyte hard drive, four USB ports and wireless N networking, there is really nothing more you can ask for. And nor is there any reason for you to not choose Dell.

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