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Protect Your Hair This Summer

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The summer is a beautiful time to go out and just enjoy the freedom that abounds. Everyone wants to look their best during summer and for any woman, protecting the hair is an inevitable part of preparing for this sunny season. Sun and sand are just as capable of causing much hair havoc as ice and storm. If you want to maintain healthy hair this summer, then you need to do more than visiting a salon. Hair care involves various things that range from protection to styling and maintenance. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to keep your hair is perfect condition regardless of how long the sun shines. Here are a few insights to help you out this summer.

Roll into the Summer Mode

When preparing to protect your hair, the first step is to get ready for the summer season. The summer is all about outdoor leisure activities and there is no need keeping that uptight clean hair that needs not to touch the water especially if you plan to surf and enjoy water activities. Choose something perfect for the summer like the classic fishtail braid and keep an undone ban or top knot to keep the hair off your face during the warm day. Use some surf spray (such as Bumble-&-Bumble Surf-Spray) to roll on with the beach look.

Find Safe Hair Protection Sprays and Products

The summer often has people thinking about ways of protecting their face and skin while forgetting their hair. You should not make the same mistake. There are several hair sprays and products like SPF 30 (Boots-Soltan-Dry-Touch Hair-Moisturising-Suncare-Spray) that will protect your hair from burning in the hot sun. Look for hair moisturizers like Clarins-Multi-Use-Sun-Care-Oil-Spray. You can also use lotions and home remedies that will keep your hair moisturized and safe from the effects of dryness.

Consider Hair Accessories

When the sun gets too hot, even the best lotions and sun care sprays will be overwhelmed. This is the perfect time to bring your hair accessories into use. Summer beach hats are quite fashionable but they offer more than just style. These accessories protect your hair from direct sunlight which is usually the main element you want to avoid. Choose loose fabric hats that allow the breeze in to prevent baking your brain in the hot weather.

Protect Your Hair This Summer

Beware of Post-beach Treatment

Protecting your hair from the effects of sunshine is only one side of the requirement. After spending your wonderful time at the beach or whichever place that exposed you to direct sunlight, it is time to perform some corrective measures to remove the negative effects that may develop. This is referred to as post-beaching and involves soothing your sun-drenched hair using various hair care products. Products like (Phyto-Plage-Apres-Soleil) are recovery sprays that can help you detangle and smooth the hair while incorporating sufficient moisture.

Treat Your Hair

Apart from post-beaching, you will need treatment and nourishing better growth and healthy hair using hair smoothers like Color Wow. Post-washing massages, softening and strengthening before straightening are important to ensure your hair is in the right state that can withstand strains. Otherwise, you risk losing much hair when you next visit the salon.

Maximize the use of Oils and Lotions

You should know what types of lotions and hair oils are perfect for you. What’s more, you should know which choices are recommended for the summer and warm sunny weather. Lotions and oils are useful during massage, softening, moisturizing and post-beaching.

Consult your Salon for Professional Advice

Nothing helps as much as professional insights from people who actually deal with hair that has been damaged over the summer. Your hairdresser and hair care professional probably knows a lot more about protecting hair from sun, sand, wind and water damages than any other person. They have attended to clients who had their hair damaged and spoken to those who effectively prevented summer damages. Book an appointment online today and they will give you professional insights about the right products to choose as well as the do’s and don’ts to observe when preparing for summer hair protection.


While the summer period is a time to enjoy the sun and warm weather, you should not forget how harmful direct UV exposure can be on any surface including your hair. Maintaining healthy hair is very daunting and expensive to let a few days’ tarnish all your year-long efforts. Take sufficient time to learn about what each product offers, its pros and cons without choosing hair care products blindly.

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