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Renting Self-Storage Units – What Should You Know Beforehand?

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Sometimes, you decide to replace the old couch, wooden furniture, office tables, etc, with the new ones. Even though your idea is to change the interior décor or your home or office, you might find it difficult to discard the old things since they might hold special memories. During such cases, you will look for the alternative space where you can store them, without damaging them.

Renting Self-Storage Units - What Should You Know Beforehand?

Storage Units

Storage units are the alternative space in any other location than you home or office, which offers enough area for you to safely store all your belongings, whenever you do not require them.

These are rental units and hence, you are required to pay a certain amount of money as monthly rental fee. The units will be provided with locking system so as to keep your items secure from external influence, for longer time duration.

Rental Fee – How is it Decided?

The services that offer storage unit for rent will charge you based on the overall dimension of the unit you require. The fee will go up with the number of additional features that you like to in the rented unit.

For instance, if you are using the storage unit to store the shipment containing items related to your research, then it is necessary that you provide ideal environment for them. Making proper arrangements become necessary in the storage units, especially when the shipment requires constant cold or heated environment.

You can expect the key to the storage unit only after you pay the deposit, as agreed. Thoroughly go through the agreement that is prepared from the owner of the storage unit, to understand what you are getting into. This will help you save from the hassles that might arise in future, especially when you vacate the unit.

Finding the Right Storage Unit

The growing demand for storage units have made it the most opted way of renting partial space to store one’s belongings. Hence, you can ask around about the available storage units in your locality, with your family and friends. You can even take help from the online search tools, phone book, etc.

When you find a public self-storage in Brea, visit the place personally to understand whether it is safe to store your valuables. You can also enquire about the rental criteria and the available facilities.

Accessing the Storage Unit

Time of Access

Most of the facilities will not offer 24 hours access to your storage unit. Hence, find out about the time duration within which you can get your things in or out of the storage unit, before settling with any particular storage facility. Sometimes, access to the units especially during afterhours might require paying a fee. Therefore, completely understand the options available and then decide about the right facility.


Not all storage services can guarantee with providing units that are available in the ground floor. Sometimes, you might be provided with the storerooms that are available in first or second floors. During such cases, it is necessary that you know whether the building is equipped with well maintained elevators, labor facilities, and so on.

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