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10 Major Causes Of Leaky Gut Syndrome

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Leaky Gut Syndrome is today’s chronic diseases and can be dangerous if not coped with necessary means. Few years ago it wasn’t much chronic but in recent years it is a rising epidemic and brings about many associated symptoms and effects that harm our well- being and healthy life.

In this article we’ll discuss what factors usually cause the leaky gut syndrome. And it will be surprising to know the causes are many along with being varied. So let’s carry on

The Undigested food and Leaky Bowels-Main reasons

When we chew our food we have special enzymes within our salivary glands that are released in the chewing process. They help masticating our meal. Similarly when our food is brought in our stomach or intestine for digestion. Gastric juices like hydrochloric acid is released to digest our food. One thing to note is that when we don’t chew our food well the large particles are harder to break by these gastric juices making it harder to digest and masticate.

However after passing through stomach our food enters small intestine where nutrients are extracted through small tube like projections which are villi and those pass those elements in our blood. Whereas large intestine helps in removing water and vitamins.

When these walls are damaged this causes the leaky bowels to occur. Due to this occurrence harmful bacteria and elements now enter our blood stream causes of Leaky Gut.

Leaky Bowels and Associated Diseases

Release of Toxins in the blood stream

These unwanted toxins trigger autoimmune response causing celiac disease, colitis, Crohn’s Diseases asthma or arthritis.

The Systematic Yeast Infection

It’s another major cause of Leaky Bowels which leads to fungal state thus in which hyphae named structure is formed and its nourishment leads to disastrous outcomes.

Harmful Chemicals in Water

In some areas we consume unhealthy water which contributes in this disease formation. Such water contains chemicals like chlorine which is added in water for safety purpose. However chlorine is harmful can destroy all the useful bacteria within our intestines.

Dietary Problems

(Unhealthy and unnatural diet), Taking Stress, Allergies, Environmental Factors, Effected with Parasites.

Seasonal Allergies and Asthma.

Hormonal imbalances such as PMS or PCOS.

Skin issues with acne, roscea, or eczema.

Diabetes can become the major the cause of the leaky gut syndrome

Food allergies and Food intolerances.

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